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  1. Minerrv1

    Selling My G-wii Rev 2 ($800) (SOLD)

    Hello, as the title says, I'm selling my G-Wii. I recently built it in November and I've had the best time playing on it. The G-Wii was built with VGA, MX chip relocation. I did not install Bluetooth since I didn't want to play with a Wii-mote on such a small screen. Everything else, is exactly...
  2. Minerrv1

    Question I broke my u10

    I was relocation the u10 and while doing so I broke it and I also did the same to u9 because they look the same so I assumed I could use that one but I messed up. Can I order it online or is there more than I have use from the board besides the u10?
  3. Minerrv1

    My PS2 does not want to turn on

    I opened my ps2 slim to check out the motherboard to start to trim it, after I finished looking at it i put it all back so I can play some games. Once I plugged everything in i saw that there was no red light. I plugged in my cable to another ps2 and it works, What can be the problem?