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  1. TheCorruptedBit

    Question Cheap SNES clone chips?

    I'm looking to mod an SNES but don't want to make the commitment of cutting an SNES Jr. quite yet, so I've decided to use a clone in its place for prototyping purposes. Only problem is, I don't have a clone. Does anybody have any recommendations for clone SNES chips? Ideally single-chip or...
  2. TheCorruptedBit

    The Bitbuilt Conspiracy Iceberg

  3. TheCorruptedBit

    Question GBA SP's buttons turned to mush after mod attempt (is it fixable?)

    Hello everyone, Recently I did a shell-swap on my GBA SP and attempted some modding, but nothing came out of it and I re-sealed the case. Upon firing it up for a test, I noticed something odd - the A and B buttons are almost completely unresponsive, with an incredible amount of pressure needing...
  4. TheCorruptedBit

    SNES/SNESJR Trimming?

    Rather than buying a SupaBoy, I figured I'd make my own SNES portable, to learn the basics of trimming and CAD without worrying about the extreme complexity of later systems, and I feel the SNES fits right in the area of simple to understand yet fun to play. And here I hit a fork in the road - I...
  5. TheCorruptedBit

    Question How would I go about connecting buttons and slider pads to a Raspberry Pi for a portable?

    I've seen a few threads about the slider, but none seem to exactly match my question, so here goes. I'm trying to surprise my brother with a gift on his birthday, and decided a MintyPi would be a fun project for us to do together and something to help him dip his toes into more advanced...