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  1. bayjose

    [Question] ssh -6 [email protected]

    Has anyone had any luck trying to ssh into a pi. when i run "sudo ifconfig" the only address i get is an IPv6 address, which you should be able to ssh into with ssh -6 [email protected] however this has not worked for me. I get the error "could not resolve hostname [email protected]####::####:####:####:#####/##...
  2. bayjose

    HDMI male to HDMI male vertical stack

    This saved me a bunch of space in my portable. mounted my wii2hdmi right above my hdmi to tft converter board. Only $1.12 delivered is a great deal...
  3. bayjose

    Looking for a GC+

    Just wondering if anyone has an extra GC+
  4. bayjose

    Question Teensy Micro Controller simulate Gamecube Controller

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on the data that is output over the data line of a Gamecube controller, The packet size seems to be around 85 bytes transmitted at about 13.3 - 13.5 khz. From my testing the 'A' button seems to be the 35th bite of data transmitted out every packet. I...
  5. bayjose

    Worklog Bayjose's Wii Portable

    So i've started to create my Wii portable. I have decided to design the whole handheld around the screen, as that is the only part of the system that is final in its current state. I have a 7" 1080P screen that I got off Amazon some time back. I also have a wii to HDMI upscale which scales the...
  6. bayjose

    How can I wire up 2 hdmi ports that are close together

    I have a general familiarity with how HDMI cables work with their bundled pairs. I have an hdmi upscaler that I want to use with my 7" hdmi screen. The display looks really good, however there is a bulky cable going from the wii portable, to the screen. I was wondering what the best way to...
  7. bayjose

    When will there be more GC+ boards in stock?

    I'm new, many people may have asked this before me, I was just wondering if there was any information on it.
  8. bayjose

    Relocate Gamecube memory card slots on Wii

    I was just wondering if there were any graphics on relocating the memory card slots on a wii, i am planning on using the OMGWTF trim, and I have varified that it is a 4 layer board that I am using. I was just wonering if there were any vias or test points on the surface of the board after the...
  9. bayjose

    How should I charge my 4 18650 cells

    Hello, I have an internal 4 cell 18650 battery pack in my portable, I was wondering the best way to unify them so that they are all charged and regulated from one charge input, and then have a cumulative battery output voltage. I was looking at this board here but I am unsure which points to...