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  1. guyman70718

    Discussion wii2hdmi fusion360 model

    I made a model of my wii2hdmi since i'm going to be using it in a project so I thought i might as well share it, may help if your also going to use one my silkscreen says: "WII2HDMI V4 2020/08/19" and it is a non-scaling model.
  2. guyman70718

    Guide SD card relocation on 6 layer Wii

    My Wii needed to boot into bootmii after trimming so I am posting the sd card relocation points here for anyone in the future that needs or wants to relocate SD. This is a CPU-01 board but I would think the points are the same on other 6 layer Wiis. I used the same color guide as the 4 layer...
  3. guyman70718

    Question 6 layer wii trim not working

    I trimmed a 6 layer wii to make a noldendo miicro. I got the noldendo's cut to work just fine, but I want to modify the design a bit, so I cut the usb ports to where they are cut to on an OM6 trim. After I did this trim, the wii will no longer boot. I noticed my RVL-PSU is outputting .9v on the...
  4. guyman70718

    Question 6 layer wii trim

    I want to make a wii micro but I want to add a few things so I could use a bit of space, so I was wondering if I relocate the nand and LDO can I trim that part off of a 6 layer wii? I have a CPU-01 so its the oldest revision, which probably complicates it but.. just wanted to ask anyway.