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  1. TheGuy504

    Question RVL power management fried?

    I accidentally connected my power inputs for the RVL power management backwards and now it’s not turning on. Sinking another $65 into a part because of a stupid mistake is not in the best interest of a jobless high schooler:facepalm:. Any tips? Can I get this thing working again? Thanks.
  2. TheGuy504

    Joy-con breakout boards?

    Does someone have an extra set of switch joy con connector breakout boards I can buy? I can’t do the soldering with just the raw connector.
  3. TheGuy504

    Guide 3ds XL dpad board pin out

  4. TheGuy504

    Wii (gamecube portable) for sale

    (EDIT, THIS ITEM IS SOLD) I finished this project about a year ago. I spent countless hours working in and out of school to make a design that I was happy with. Since finished, I have periodically played this portable for extended periods of time for months. I have also beaten resident evil 4...
  5. TheGuy504

    Question Will this trim work

    Will this trim work? This is an old 6-layer that I’m using for a project. Also, how can I rewire a power button to turn it on? I do not know what traces to solder to given that I didn’t route them before I cut.
  6. TheGuy504

    Question Gc+ Problem

    I have successfully installed Gc+ board in my portable, but I have one problem with the dual tact mod. Whenever I press the left analog tact, it registers fine. When try I press the right analog, it presses both the right and left analog buttons at the same time for some reason. I am sure that I...
  7. TheGuy504

    Question R/L Analog problems

    I am using a cut up gc controller and the dual tact mod. I have 10k resistors for the squishy tacts connected. Whenever I press the squishy tact on the right everything works great, but when I press the squishy tact on the left it triggers the both the left and right buttons. I can live with...
  8. TheGuy504

    Red and Black boii

    After a year of work, my portable Wii is finally finished.:D Massive thanks to this community who provided custom software and answered my stupid questions. This project would not have been possible without you. Anyways, here are the features: -5 inch composite screen -4 18650 batteries -3...
  9. TheGuy504

    Question Earbuds heating up

    I have just finished my portable and whenever I plug in headphones using the switching headphone jack, they heat up. Within a minute they are irritably warm, so I have to take them out of my ears. I tried researching this problem and it seems to be “high dc offset”. I measured 2.46v from the...
  10. TheGuy504

    Question Regulator troubleshooting

    Are these acceptable? (Unconnected voltages) 5v: 4.99v 3.3v: 3.28v 1.15v: 1.193v 1v: 1.013v
  11. TheGuy504

    Question Case Help

    Can someone please help me with adding ABXY/ D-PAD button holes to my model? I have jeff's models but I don't know how to add them to my case.
  12. TheGuy504

    Question Dual tact on regular gc controller

    If I am doing the dual tact mod with a regular gc controller, what value resistor am I supposed to have between 3.3v and R/L analog press? Thanks.
  13. TheGuy504

    Question Question

    1. Should I remove or relocate this because it is making contact with my heatsink?
  14. TheGuy504

    Guide Run GreenYi Screen Off 5v

  15. TheGuy504

    Guide Wii Power Diagram

  16. TheGuy504

    Question Batteries

    Just got these from a laptop battery. Will they work in a 2s 2p configuration? I think the output current is too low. I’ve seen the battery guide, but I just want to make sure for safety. Model: LGABD11865 mAh: 3000 3.75 nominal voltage 4.35v maximum charging 1450mA standard charging...
  17. TheGuy504

    Question Questions

    I have a two questions: *Is there a benefit for using copper wires for analog video? *When shielding audio/component video wires, should each one be wrapped separately, or can they all be shielded together?
  18. TheGuy504

    Question Regulators for trimmed Wii

    Hello. I was wondering if the regulators that are shown in the pictures would be good for running a trimmed Wii. The Texas Instruments PTH08080 and PTR08060 are both pretty expensive. If they won’t work, what would be one that would (preferably on Amazon)? Thanks.
  19. TheGuy504

    Question Airflow

    I’ve read that the Wii only needs one fan in your case... I have a shortened stock heatsink on the CPU and GPU with a 60mm fan blowing air on it. When the fan pulls air to be blown into the heatsink, would it draw air from outside the case to the inside? I don’t feel like putting another fan to...
  20. TheGuy504

    Solved Headphone output too loud

    I have a screen with a headphone-out jack and it is way too loud on the lowest volume setting. First, I thought about adding a resistor to the output, but that would distort it and I don’t know what ohm value would work. I also am thinking about getting rid of the preamp on the Wii. What should...