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    Worklog Wii Micro Build

    Welp it seems like now would be a good time to start this work log! after about a year of searching around the forums and and looking for a first build to do, i finally decided to make a noldtendowii micro while i wait for my Gboy kit to ship! After about 3 weeks of researching documentation and...
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    I opened up one of the wiis i just bought and recovered the motherboard to trim and hack in the coming weeks and i also removed what i call, the evil disc drive and accused him of harracy! later on i tonight i am going to burn this evil being at the stake! Shout out to @Shank and his youtube...
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    Question PortablizeMii

    Ok, sup gamers my wiis came yesterday and i am getting ready to hack them, do you guys have any recommended sd cards and flash drives and or tips for hacking them with PortablizeMii? i was lurking and noticed that some flash drives and sd cards would have issues and didnt want to run into any...
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    Question games

    Ok, I am totally lost. I have no idea how to get both gamecube and wii games onto a flash drive. any recommendations for finding games online and how do you guys recommend converting to wbfs files? Again i have little to no idea what i am doing.
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    Solved Wii's That will not Read Discs

    I was browsing ebay and looking at 4 layered wii's. I came across one that was cheap, but the seller said that the wii would not read discs. I was wondering if i could still use the wii in a portable build, but wasn't sure if it is a faulty disc drive (which doesn't really matter) or if it was a...