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  1. Wii Portablizer Wannabe

    Question I broke 2 pins on my U10

    So I broke 2 of the pins on my U10 and wanted to know if it would still work, I have the 2 back pins like normal but I only have the middle pin/second pin on the other side? Is it fine? And if not, does anyone have some extras I could buy or get for free?
  2. Wii Portablizer Wannabe

    Question Is this salvageable?

    Is this salvageable? I ripped off one of the regulators? I think and I don’t know if it can be fixed. If not I’m screwed so
  3. Wii Portablizer Wannabe

    Question Can I use a Lithuim Ion Lipo Rechargeable Battery instead of 18650 Lithium Ion cells with the RVL PMS?

    Basically lithium cells are too think for me too use in a project I'm planning to work on so I was wondering if I could just get one of those flat rechargeable battery packs and hook that up to the RVL PMS? I'm looking at something like this Here
  4. Wii Portablizer Wannabe

    Solved Blower Fans that can be used to cool the Wii?

    Basically I just need a replacement blower fan that runs off 5v and I have been looking around but can't find any that are very reliable.