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  1. ThePuffpuff30

    Looking to commission a Wii Portable (again)

    Hello again. A year ago I sought after commissioning a Wii portable. After working with someone for a little over a year and being sent 2 units that ended up breaking in a week or less, I am looking again for someone else to commission a Wii portable from. This time I’m looking specifically for...
  2. ThePuffpuff30

    18th birthday commission!

    Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted on the forums. While I am currently working on my own Wii portable, I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s not going to be very good. I doubt it’ll last long. I’ve always wanted to have a really nice Wii portable that I could rely on, and I figured that...
  3. ThePuffpuff30

    Anyone watch Michael Reeves?

    Just started watching his stuff recently. He's fucking hilarious and he makes the craziest shit. I think that people here who don't know about him would probably love his content, since it involves a lot of dumb coding and engineering. For anyone who's never seen a Michael Reeves video, start here:
  4. ThePuffpuff30

    WTB: RVL PMS and U-Amp

    Alright so hear me out. I'm making a Wii portable for my senior project at school. I have most of what I need. I actually have one of those old red battery boards and an old PowerMii Light, but I don't have an audio amplifier at all. I don't need an RVL PMS, but it would be really nice to have...
  5. ThePuffpuff30

    Question Magnet Wire - Do's and Don'ts?

    Portablizing noob here, back at it again with the dumb questions! Got myself some good magnet wire, and I think I know what kinda stuff I should and shouldn't use it for (I mean, stuff like "don't use it for voltage and ground" is obvious), but I wanna hear from the experts how you guys make use...
  6. ThePuffpuff30

    (Canceled) Short BitBuilt Documentary?

    We have a project in Digital Storytelling where we have to make a short video documentary about a community. I've only been around for almost half a year, so I admittedly don't know too much about the history of portablizing, but I would love to make the video about how we got to where we are...
  7. ThePuffpuff30

    Anybody willing to print a case for me?

    Was originally going to order it through Shapeways, but..... Yeah, maybe I'll just scratch that idea. If anybody is willing to print my case for me, that would be awesome. I'll attach the files here, if people want to check them out.
  8. ThePuffpuff30

    Worklog Greasy Idiot's First Portable (WIP)

    Hey everyone! I decided it would be a good idea to start a worklog, since I only have a vague idea of what I'm doing and this is gonna require a lot of help. I'm hoping this worklog will help out those of you willing to help me out. Features: - 5.6" Screen - OM6 Trim (unless there's a trim more...
  9. ThePuffpuff30

    Vacuum Forming or 3D Printing a Case?

    I'm trying to decide what would be easiest and most efficient for a first project, and here are my thoughts: Vacuum Forming is nice because you can spend time creating a real mold that you can actually hold. The only issue is setting up a vacuum forming table and all that stuff. 3D Printing is...
  10. ThePuffpuff30

    Question Controlls stop working when I launch a game

    Either this happens all the time and it’s a really simple answer and I just didn’t search hard enough, or nobody has ever seen this problem before. I finally got all the essential parts together for my portable and put it all together (outside of the case). But when I was testing it, I noticed...
  11. ThePuffpuff30

    Question Connecting a GC+ to a GameCube?

    Sorry that I’ve been asking so many questions lately. I’m just super excited that this project is actually finally coming along, and I wanna keep it that way. My question is simple. How would I wire a GC+ to the GameCube motherboard? Would there be any further setup after to get it working...
  12. ThePuffpuff30

    Question Wii Disc Drive on GameCube?

    I asked this question in another thread I started a while ago and got no answer, so thought it might be useful to have it in it's own thread. This is the pinout for the Wii's Disc Drive. This is the pinout of the GameCube's disk drive connector. Would all I have to is connect the Wii...
  13. ThePuffpuff30

    Question Wiring the disk drive to the GC motherboard?

    I know that Wii portables are superior in almost every way, but I already have a GameCube I wanted to portablize. I'm relatively new to hardware modding, but have succeeded in wiring video and audio to the GameCube motherboard. The two things that are still very confusing for me (and I have put...