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  1. Akira

    Gman 64 Amp for sale

    Two pieces of gmans nintendo 64 digital audio amp left for sale. Nintendo 64 Gman 64-AMP | eBay tested and assembled by me
  2. Akira

    64-amp For sale

    I bought 5 pieces of 64 amp logic boards and parts to make them. I will sell 3 of them. Pm if interested Shipping from The Netherlands (Europe) Nintendo 64 Gman 64-AMP | eBay
  3. Akira

    Worklog Lockdown 64

    Corona! Our country (The Netherlands) is in full lockdown, and has been for months. Life is getting boring, and after cleaning and sorting my house I found a project box from an old Nintendo 64 portable. Now that I have more time on my hands I might as well try and finish it. And I might as...