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  1. SabelToothTiger

    2018 contest rules?

    Not sure if the rules have been posted yet as I haven't see them. Really I would like to know if my current build would qualify as I started it a month or 2 before the contest started.
  2. SabelToothTiger

    Worklog Slow Progress on my First N64 Portable

    Hey y'all, I figured I would make a work-log on my N64 portable project as I have been making some steady progress recently and as a way to properly introduce myself to everyone. A bit of back story; I began collecting parts for this project when I was still in high school and shelved it maybe...
  3. SabelToothTiger

    Looking for UltraHDMI or UltraVGA

    This is hell of a long shot but I'm looking to buy an UltraHDMI or UltraVGA, either or. I missed the boat on both so I'm hoping someone might have a extra they may be willing to sell.
  4. SabelToothTiger

    UltraHDMI sold out again..

    Alright which one of you jerks bought them all. They sold out between the time I added one to my cart and checkout. :angry::|:'(