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  1. fibbef

    Famiclone Mini

    Here's a hot little mess of a project that sat unfinished on my workbench for waaaaaaay too long. The clone hardware has several games built in which are selectable when no cartridge is connected. I haven't gone through the whole list of games (I'm sure most of them are junk) but the...
  2. fibbef

    Hot Apple Pi

    After kicking this idea around in my head for about 3 years, I finally made the Hot Apple Pi a reality. Vitals: -3.5" screen with 320x240 ULD (ultra low density) resolution -Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 -2 18650 rechargeable battery cells of dubious capacity -50 or so games, most of them not...
  3. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    Three years ago I came up with a design for a meme portable as part of a mini contest that Aurelio put on. It was enough to win me a GC+ (thanks and by the way, I swear I will put it to good use someday) and I told myself I would someday actually make the portable from my design. The design...
  4. fibbef

    Guide [Fusion 360] Multicolor prints/adding designs to your case

    It's possible and not too terribly difficult to add multi color designs to cases or other 3D prints. This guide shows how this is done using Fusion 360 and Cura, but other modeling and slicing programs should have similar enough features to allow this. Special thanks to @nobble for getting me...
  5. fibbef

    Worklog NES 2 C U - 2018 Summer Contest Entry

    Ok, it's time to get my 2018 contest submission underway! For my entry I will be dipping largely into my spare parts to make a fairly simple portable. In this case, I have the NES portion of a damaged Retron 3 that I would like to portablize. Wow. Building a NOAC portable for a competition that...
  6. fibbef

    Worklog G-Luma 64

    Although I hate having multiple projects going at once, I need some parts in order to continue my PNP console but I’m currently saving cash for Christmas, so I wanted to switch to something I already had parts on hand for. My only completed 64p to date is the Luma 64, a portable that, while I...
  7. fibbef

    Worklog Super NOTendo

    Jumping on Switch bandwagon with the name. There's already some really incredible worklogs started for this compo and I know my work wouldn't stand a chance if I went the normal route, so I wanted to do something different. What exactly is the Toggle? I'll let my buddy Xander sum it up...
  8. fibbef

    Decode/break out SNES controller buttons

    Here's my situation: I have a project in mind that I want to build into a Super Nintendo shell and keep it looking as stock as possible. I would like to be able to plug any SNES controller into the front and break out the controls so that I can send individual button presses to other components...
  9. fibbef

    Guide Body Filler Tutorial

    I don't remember if I shared this on BitBuilt before, but this is exactly why I made this video: And yes, Bondo STINKS! Whenever I work with it, it has to be out in my garage. Otherwise the smell doesn't get out of my basement for about 24 hours.
  10. fibbef

    Dreamcast ControlView

    This is the last of my old projects I'm going to post on BitBuilt. I'm resolving that anything going forward will be current projects. That way I'll actually be motivated to work on something new. Dreamcast ControlView is a DC controller with a 3.5" screen in place of the VMU window. It uses a...
  11. fibbef

    Guitar Boy

    The Guitar Boy is a project I finished a little over a year ago. I hosted a Game Boy-themed build comp on another forum and created this as an exhibition piece. Tried going for the Fender logo-style font. Painted on by hand using a toothpick. Features: System...
  12. fibbef

    Luma 64 - fibbef's first 64p

    This is the very first portable I started building, but got put off time and time again and I think was the 3rd that I completed. I finished the build prior to becoming a member of BitBuilt, but I'm posting it here for posterity's sake. I'll post more of my completed projects if the mods allow...
  13. fibbef

    PSYu - fib's PSone portable

    PSone portable Completed November 14, 2016 Details *Modified Wii U protective case *PSone motherboard[ *3rd party PS2 controller *Built in memory card in slot 1 *Memory card slot wired to slot 2 *5" widescreen backup monitor reduced to 4:3 ratio for 3" effective display *Switching...
  14. fibbef

    Worklog PSYu - a PSone portable

    Hey guys. My current project is a PSone portable I've been building off and on for about 2 years. Lots of pics to get where I am today (100+ of this project on my photobucket) and I wanted to share my progress up until now with you. Wii U style case. 5" widescreen which I'll switch to 4:3 and...