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  1. Avery

    Question Wifi in a portable

    At first I believed that i didnt want it however, i heard that you can run mario kart wii with an iso not a disc and use wiimmfi like you're any other player. So based on that I was wondering how hard it would be to add wifi to a portable, thanks!
  2. Avery

    Question Can you run ctgp on portablize Mii?

    I was just wondering if it was possible to run ctgp on portablize Mii because normally it asks for a disc when you want to play on the unmodded wii (also if you did enable the wifi functionality would it let you play online?)
  3. Avery

    Discussion What kind of electronics experience did you have before making a portable?

    I don't have that much experience and was wondering what it was like for people when they just started and if you have any suggestions on stuff to do/resources to learn about this kind of stuff that would be appreciated, thanks!