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  1. sinjunx

    What grit of sand paper should I use for smoothing 3D printed objects?

    if you want to skip sanding and just want the shiny finish, you can also go for XTC3D which gives the glossy finish and takes away layers and imperfections
  2. sinjunx

    Raspberry Pi Portable Questions

    I'm in the middle of the same type of project and I was stuck on the controller board as well. First I've tried with a Teensy LC and a Arduino Pro micro but I'm having issues with the joysticks after using both regular analog joysticks and PSP1000 joysticks. Finally to get some evolution on the...
  3. sinjunx

    Raspberry Pi and rom hack emulation

    ah then I was underestimating Retropie, my apologies about that PS2, you might want to reconsider, as I'm playing PS2 at home on the PI4 slightly overclocked. I'm agreeing it's not the most fluent and most beautifull, but there are ways to achieve it
  4. sinjunx

    Question What material for portablized console.

    if you're going to use 3D Printing for the internals or you have hot parts touching the printed parts I recommend using PETG or ABS as well as the PLA will deform over time if placed even under the sun or in a hot car, so I don't have to explain the effect of hot internals ;)
  5. sinjunx

    Is anyone willing to print/ Sell me a case

    sure always happy to help, depending on where you want it shipped. I'm from Europe (Belgium) and can print on demand whenever you want with all sizes possible
  6. sinjunx

    Raspberry Pi and rom hack emulation

    Hi, I do'nt know if this is still relevant or not but first you should look at what platform you want to emulate as not all the PI versions are able to emulate all the platforms. As far as I know the pi zero will only emulate up until the GBA or maybe with luck PS1/PSX On the other hand I've...
  7. sinjunx

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi I'm SinJunX New here after browsing the forum for a while for information and interest in fellow build logs. Came here to develop my skills in soldering and building portables as I also own and run a 3D printing firm in Europe. Hope to help and get helped a lot as this seems to be a pretty...
  8. sinjunx

    'Nintendo Switch and Joycon Mesh Models

    and for the ones who can't convert, here is the STL