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  1. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    After speaking to the CNC company I've had to round off most sharp corners and resubmit the files. Just waiting on them getting back to me with a quote Quick render of the internal layout
  2. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Just moved house due to a promotion at work and waiting for my broadband to be installed so will update things once I have that
  3. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    So I've changed the design slightly. Now the hdd mounts to the underside of the top part which means a startech sata to ide adapter fits much better and means no more annoying hdd bracket. Another full case print in progress which incorporates a few other minor tweaks.
  4. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Thanks, there is quite a difference but mainly in size. That's an ATX to XBOX adapter created by a guy in Germany (calls himself N64 Freak on the forums, he's well known for his 1.4ghz 128mb xbox's and various other upgrades). You can find the PCB on and it has the BOM printed on...
  5. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    So the new PSU arrived today, it's an Inter-Tech mini itx PSU (model 88882190) This claims to output 5v at 12A and can supply up to 200w depending on the AC adapter. This should mean that no filter caps need to be removed as 12A is plenty when running without a DVD rom and using a 2.5" HDD. Will...
  6. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Tested the tinted plexiglass faceplates over the OLED displays and the effect is exactly what I wanted, not too bright as to be a distraction and hidden when the console is off
  7. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Faceplates have arrived. I forgot to take tolerances into consideration when recreating it in Illustrator so they need a slight sanding around the edges but I will amend the faceplate.dxf so that no one else will have this issue
  8. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    It was proved working on xbox-scene years ago. You do need to remove 2 or 3 filter capacitors from the xbox mainboard and the bios animation is a bit choppy but it does work. Here's a quote from the thread where it was shown working: "So, when searching for a replacement PSU, wattage does not...
  9. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    I'll be releasing the design files when I'm happy with it, I won't be selling cases
  10. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Quick fitment test with a scrap board. Ignore my awful epoxy skills please. I remade the HDD bracket for a SATA 2.5" drive and Startech SATA to IDE adapter so a 2tb drive will work as long as you use an 80 wire IDE cable
  11. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    I've redesigned the HDD bracket to accept a Startech SATA to IDE adapter, the HDD now mounts underneath the bracket. There is still room for a modchip below. I've also done various tweaks to the design to allow for this. I have since made the mounting holes and reinforced the bracket. I also...
  12. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Size comparison to a stock original xbox Scrap motherboard used just to check alignment and HDD bracket in place. For some reason Cura omitted the rear back screw post :\ I can fix that though. Now to spend another 20 plus hours printing the rest
  13. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    I'm using an adapter for an existing Pico PSU
  14. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    So I am in the process of printing the case now, so far the prints seem ok As the case is quite large I've had to slice it a lot just to print it The dual OLED displays fit well Currently printing the base part, it's a 21 hour print. Then it's the front, back and corners to go.
  15. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Thank you, there have been quite a lot of developments for the old xbox fairly recently which which brought me back to playing around with them again
  16. Worklog Xbox Mini Case

    Hi, I've been working on a small case for the original xbox console. The idea is to use a PicoPsu, 2.5" HDD and omit the DVD drive in order to make the whole xbox (not including an external AC adapter) be 230mm wide, 210mm deep and only 50mm high. Please excuse the awful render, I'm still...
  17. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi All, Being new here, thought I'd introduce myself :) I've modded many consoles over the years (I'm not young) and look forward to learning more because there's always more to learn. This site looks like a good resource and hopefully I can contribute something too Cheers