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  1. Shank

    Board scan Virtual Boy Board Scans

    A while back, I acquired a completely toasted Virtual Boy motherboard. I finally got around to blasting the components off of it, sanding, and scanning. I have scanned the surface layers, but not the internals. I may get to that one day... -I'm like 90% sure there is only one revision of the...
  2. Shank

    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread

    Alright boys, No promises. No guarantees. But lets see what we can do. The Wii U MIGHT be capable of portablization, but there are a lot of caveats. It is going to take a lot of work to get there, assuming it even is possible. Even if possible, the amount of work and complexity to make a Wii U...
  3. Shank

    Worklog Real Boy

    ITT: Shank does something that has nothing to do with the Wii The Real Boy will be a pocketable, Virtual Boy handheld. -4.3" 480p 16:9 IPS fed by VGA (via Virtual Tap with custom firmware with a modified resolution. It'll put out 800*480 instead of 800*600 with a letterboxed 2x2 pixel doubling...
  4. Shank

    GameCube JoyCon CAD Files

    ABOUT: As promised, I am releasing the CAD files for the GameCube JoyCons. For most experienced portablizers, this should be a relatively straightforward, but tedious project. Frankencase the 3d printed parts in, and relocate the button data lines to the traces of the button actuators on cut up...
  5. Shank

    Guide [Rough Draft] U10 Troubleshooting Guide

    Here's a draft of my U10 Troubleshooting guide. If you have any suggestions, let me know U10 Relocation Troubleshooting If you cannot get your board to boot after relocating the U10 chip, following these troubleshooting steps in order will help solve most common issues. -If you removed...
  6. Shank

    Worklog PWP2 Worklog (PiiWii Pocket 2)

    The PiiWii pocket was the first portable I saw to the end. I loved the case and ergonomics, but the internals were pretty awful. I've been working on a followup for a few months with the goal of keeping the same external appearance. However, I plan on reworking the internals using everything I...
  7. Shank

    BitBuilt Secret Santa 2017 Thread

    A few of us have discussed doing a bitbuilt secret Santa. Who all is interested? What should our price limit be? Any other rules and things to mention? Consider this a brainstorming and interest thread. We would probably only do it within the continental US because of how expensive international...
  8. Shank

    Googly Eye Thread

  9. Shank

    Discussion Laser Cut ZN-40 Case Interest thread

    Im doing a run of Laser Cut ZN Cases! Its summer, so most the architecture majors have gone home, meaning the university laser is much less busy! This means I should be able to set up jigs and cut some cases! While I personally am not a fan of the ZN cases, I have received MANY requests for a...
  10. Shank

    Discussion DreamCast R&D and Documenting

    The dreamcast is probably the least documented console that can be portablized. While it is very unlikely that significant motherboard trimming could occur, documenting the console will be necessary to actually build portables. There are bits and pieces scattered on the internet, but no quality...
  11. Shank

    Worklog Kill Mii (Altoids Tin Portable)

    Kill Mii Complete Wii portable in an Altoids tin. Because reasons. This portable is not logical, comfortable, or practical. But it must be done... for the memes. I want to put a Wii in an Altoids tin. I don't think its ever going to be possible to go smaller than this. Ive spent quite a bit...
  12. Shank

    Wii Motherboard Anatomy 101

    Introduction This guide is intended to introduce newer users to the Wii Motherboard. Most significant components are highlighted and labeled in these pictures, while brief descriptions are written below. This guide is written with the assumption that PortablizeMii is used, which uses special...
  13. Shank

    BB IRL Group Picture. (Guess who's who)

    Most of us knows what ShockSlayer looks like, but what about the other members? Over the weekend, we met up at Midwest Gaming Classic in Wisconsin and took a group photo. We want you guys to try to guess who is who! Copy and paste the text below, and fill in your guesses. This uses a spoiler...
  14. Shank

    Guide Electronics 101 Videos

    These are a collection of videos that will teach you the basics of electronics. These videos are an incredibly fast way to get up to speed on basic concepts required for building a portable. Every video I have selected is short and to the point, while providing the necessary information to grasp...
  15. Shank


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (9 days ago lmao)
  16. Shank

    Portablizing Console Tier List

    Lets discuss portablizing console tiers. Heres my list to get things started. Thoughts?
  17. Shank

    Guide WaveBird Rotary Switch Guide

    The rotary switch on the WaveBird is a little bulky compared to the rest of the PCB. If you want to remove it, here is a guide of which data lines you short to ground to set it to what channel. While they controller and receiver operate in the same manner, each one has a different plastic wheel...
  18. Shank

    Discussion "New" 3DS IPS Display Suppliers?

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to track down replacement IPS displays for the "New" 3DS, and have only found TN ones. Has anybody been able to find a supplier?
  19. Shank

    Worklog Identifying a Wii's Revision Based off of Serial Numbers

    Before you gut your console, please post the Revision, Serial Number, and Color of the console here. You can check the revision without disassembling the console using method 2 in this guide. We need as many entries as we can get, so please record every console you can. Now you can submit your...
  20. Shank

    ITT: Shitty NX Mockups

    The NX rumors have reached unprecedented levels of nonsense. Speculation, a lack of any part leaks, and the age of clickbait have given birth to an endless supply of awful mockups and renders. Wether the claimed mockup defies the laws of physics, have no sense of object permanence, or are just...