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  1. Model G-Wii CAD files

    If its ok to ask, i saw there on the cad model, the bottom left hole appears to be a barrel jack for power, the top right hole in the bottom peice is a USB since there is a USB mount, and the hole in the top left, is that the power switch? Is the top middle round hole for a headphone jack, or is...
  2. Question PowerMii Lite PCB and BOM

    Thank you so much!
  3. Question PowerMii Lite PCB and BOM

    I saw people saying the PowerMii Lite is open source, but can't seem to find any pcb files or oshpark links or whatnot. I also can't seem to find a parts list for it. Thanks in advance, and sorry for any inconvenience,
  4. Question First Portable - noob questions

    Hey, what are reccomended analog sticks? I can't find c-stick PCBs and was wondering what people do.
  5. Question First Portable - noob questions

    You should probably post this in a new thread, you'll get help faster. And more specific help for further questions.
  6. Question First Portable - noob questions

    Where can I find the PowerMii Lite BOM and PCB? I've seen people say it's open source but I havent had any luck finding a bom.
  7. Question First Portable - noob questions

    Thank you so much!
  8. Question First Portable - noob questions

    Hi! New here. Sorry for being so cliche with the title. So i want to start making a portable because it seems cool. I have experience soldering and with other electronics, but not much on this scale (i also need to buy a soldering iron of my own, so waiting on that.) Luckily, I have a 4 layer...
  9. Discussion Batteries

    Hi, new here. How many batteries for an average trimmed Wii and in what configuration do you recommend? Sorry if im a noob.
  10. making my first portable

    making my first portable