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    Worklog Legend's "Nintendo Viita"

    Hey guys, After whipping together my last "Portable" and getting the excitement of having one (even though it wasnt handheld), I decided to put in the real work to make a good (hopefully practical) Handheld portable. After combing through the forums and my box of handhelds to see what somebody...
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    Discussion BBLoader Feature/Misc Suggestions

    Hello Bitbuilt! Not sure if this is the right time to post this as BBL is in its very early stages, and Aurelio & the contributors have a lot they are already doing. However I know people may have suggestions for new features and miscellaneous things, or may even have the knowledge to...
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    Discussion Wii BT Module Data Line Adapter

    Hey Guys, So i've been having a bit of issues with my BT module being slow and ive been trying to think of what it could be, but thats not why im here. So Im not sure where all of you amazing people have got your console modding/ hardware modding starts from, but one of my big intros into...
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    Solved Wiimote Inside of Wii games

    So I just finished my portable: cube-ii (will post pics in worklog later), however I cant seem to get the wiimote working in wii games atm. I have copied the sysconfig from the real nand but it still wont work. Even when I go on the emunand from the bottom options. Does anybody have any ideas?
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    Worklog First Wii Portable - Cube-ii

    So I finally get to post a worklog after at least a year or 2 of lurking in the bitbuilt shadows LOL My main objective here was actually not to build a handheld portable like most, because im restricted to frankencasing due to not having a 3D printer (or the money to send files off for print...
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    Solved U10 Relocation (Before Trim) Problem

    Hey Guys, So I picked up a 4-layer board this morning and installed Portablize Mii with no troubles, and ordered a RVL-PSU for now until I decide to get the PMS (actually I plan on doing the G-Boy before doing my own), so I decided to relocate bluetooth and U10 before trimming. Bluetooth was...
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    Guide Portable Wii Reference Links

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, *EDIT* - My bored dumb ass was going through the rules and noticed: 4. Don't Post Other User's Work Without Permission I do apologize in advance for anybody who didn't want their content linked here, please let me know if you do not want it here, and I will take it...
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    Worklog *Question*chip sizes for case design

    Hey guys, after a lot of tinkering over time and rigorous research, im taking a crack at portables... ive done some shady things in the past like putting a screen in a wii (failed first project lol) and recently i stuck a screen in a ps2 cuz i was bored ... right now ive just been drawing up...