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    Worklog World's Smallest Gamecube

    That’s insane! It looks so good, awesome work.
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    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    I’ve made a mold of both the 3ds and joycon ABXY buttons so far. It’s going to take a few attempts to get them right for sure. Qi like the idea of the two part molds too, but i wanna wait till I’m comfortable with one before trying anything else.
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    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    Yeah, I bet that’s it. I’ll try another batch without any colors just to see how they go. Another question, how important is it to get the amount poured into each mold right? If I overfill it would it be pretty simple to sand them down flat? Or should I try to get them flat from the start?
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    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    Yeah it’s art n glow. At the moment they just feel a little sticky. Like they will stick to my finger if I press on them. It’s only been one day though so maybe they will harden up and dry out a little after a few more days?
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    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    Awesome guide! So I got the stuff and have been messing around with it. I made a few molds pretty successfully, so I went to try my first set of buttons, waiting 24 hours, they look nice but are pretty sticky and not very hard (I can imprint them if I push hard enough with my fingernail.) what...
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    Worklog Waker of the Wiind - Ginger's Second Wii Portable

    Looks really nice! You can always add extras later, but I like the look of it even now. The custom board really help keep it nice and neat inside.
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    Worklog HackerBilly's Extra Thiicc Boii

    Is that a zip tie holding the board in? Haha this is awesome nice work!
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    Gamecube Themed Joycons

    Those look fantastic! Are the Joycons themselves painted?
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    The PS2 Razer

    Wow, super professional looking. Your wiring is always too tidy. ;)
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    Piizza 1.5 complete

    Super cool seeing wiiHUD in action like that, and the USB-C to internal drive read/writing is way cool. I like the simple look of one port on the front and one on the back for headphones.
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    Worklog Wii Portable - 2018 Contest Submission

    I really like the wood look of the front, and the stand is a great Idea, I like the idea of building the "sensor bar" into it. Super cool nice work!
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    Discussion PowerMii Lite - Interest Thread

    Awesome you rock! Thanks!
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    SOLD - WTS Custom Molded Buttons

    These look really nice! Are the switch sets ‘per joycon’ or would it be buttons for two joycons? Nvm, looked at the buttons and saw the ABXY and four arrows and andsweree my own question. :)
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    Worklog World's Smallest Gamecube

    Oh boy this looks awesome! Can't wait to see these completed.
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    Worklog Miceeno's N64 Portable

    I really like that you basically have it setup with two main boards that sit on top of each other, then the stuff in the back. Looks really easy to assemble and keeps it clean.
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    Discussion PowerMii Lite - Interest Thread

    Some news would be very appreciated
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    Worklog Contest Entry "KoopaShell"

    Shapeways does a decent job but they are way too expensive. Hopefully the case turned out being worth it!
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    Worklog Miceeno's N64 Portable

    THIC! Looks really nice!!
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    Discussion PowerMii Lite - Interest Thread

    Kinda forgot about these thanks to school.. any updates on these for the summer? It'd be nice to use one for the summer contest, or just a summer project.
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    $10 3.5" Screen? Has anyone used one of these?

    I’ve had great luck on 5V. I’ve found a few points that read 3.3v, but haven’t been able to get anything to power up off it yet. I’ll probably try again soon though.