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    Currently the only way to get one is to commission someone to make one for you, or assemble one yourself using the files from github
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    Question Trimmed Wii Won’t Boot RVL 40

    38AWG is fine for U10 and other data wires
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    Ps2 laptop mod

    I don't know anything about the boards, but there is an adapter for using a PS3 controller with a PS2. It's called the Brooke USB Super Adapter, but it'd be cheaper to buy a third party wireless PS2 controller
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    UltraWii Sakura

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    Ps2 shiden portable

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    Worklog The potato of handhelds - somehow it turns on

    Yeah son TTYD!
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    Worklog Wiiu gamepad wii first projet

    Oh, right I see it now. I was looking for a wheel pot :facepalm:
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    Worklog My First Portable - The "Wii Lite"

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    Worklog Wiiu gamepad wii first projet

    Very nice, but how do you change the audio volume? That amp doesn't have onboard controls and I don't see a potentiometer anywhere
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    Worklog First portable: The Wavecube

    Most 5v fans can be run off 3.3v for quieter operation, yours probably can too
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    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Correct, we don't use them
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    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Wiimotes working in tandem with the emulator is not currently supported and isn't in the dev pipeline AFAIK. BBLoader is designed primarily for portables and the number of multiplayer capable units built is very low, so assuming it's even possible to do, it's unlikely to be done anytime soon...
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    Question Is there any replacement for the ribbon cables on the vga lcd screen?

    The future of the store is unknown at this point. If it is to ever return, there will be an announcement for it. As for the screen, you might be able to save it if you carefully scrape off the kapton on both sides of the break and run some magnet wire to bridge the gap. What you snapped is (I...
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    Guide Setting up Wii and GameCube games

    No, FAT32 primary partition only.
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    Question Will the RVL-PMS work with these batteries?

    The PMS handles charging internally. You just supply 12v 2A or 9v 3A from a standard dumb DC supply to the charge pad on the PMS and it handles everything for you. You don't need the Adafruit thing.
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    Worklog ProCon Shells

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    Question Will the RVL-PMS work with these batteries?

    Whoops, I thought that embed was the 2500mAh cell link doubling. The 10k cell should do, but it says out of stock to me.
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    Question Will the RVL-PMS work with these batteries?

    One cell won't give you much playtime. Two 3400mAh cells give 2 - 2.5 hours runtime, so if you use a suitable 2500mAh lipo you'd get less than half of that time. Also the lipos you've linked are discharge rated to 0.2C, which means it's safe to draw up to 20% of the cell capacity per hour as...
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    Worklog Wii portable "Ashida Wavebird" worklog

    I found the little coaxial wire from the Wii's wifi antenna great for this
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    Alvaro’s first wii portable!

    Nice work, glad to see you finished it!