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  1. Bill Paxton

    Gamecube Grip for Nintendo Switch

    I finished it. The "Leech" strikes again! GC controller shell cut in half, frankencased to 3D printed middle parts. Inside is a split GC controller pcb wired to a GC+. Also inside is a rearranged and rewired Anker PowerCore 20,100 mAh Portable battery pack. Should give you plenty of hours...
  2. Bill Paxton

    Worklog Gamecube Controller Switch Dock

    My project for this contest is a Gamecube controller that the Nintendo Switch tablet can slide into. I'll use one of those cheaper GC controller to Switch adapters, remove and trim it as much as I can, and connect it all internally so that is just docks into place via the USB-c port on the...
  3. Bill Paxton

    Question Any quick fixes for Gamecube controller ports don't work anymore?

    A broad question I know. But near as I can tell, everything works like it should. 5v, 3.3v, and other 3.3v for the data, and the grounds. They are all what the should be with no shorts, but the pre-trimmed Wii does not recognize any controllers. My custom GC+ thing, or standard. Tested both on...
  4. Bill Paxton

    PortablizeMii "Themes"?

    Not sure where to post this, but I'm curious how difficult it would be to change the "theme" (if I'm using that word correctly) of PortablizeMii to something that looks and behaves like the Gamecube startup splash and Dashboard. I doubt it would be as easy as just replacing some files, and would...
  5. Bill Paxton

    Discussion How about a Sticker?

    How about a precut vinyl sticker or something like it to cover up the GPU and CPU, using the screw post holes as your guide to line it up. Since it would be the exact shape it needs to be to trim a Wii and it would protect the chips from dust and debris, it would make the trimming process...
  6. Bill Paxton

    One port Charge and Play chip?

    If I'm barking up the wrong tree, or just completely and totally incorrect, my bad for wasting everyone's time . Now, I don't fully understand the data sheet, but perhaps a more experienced eye can let me know. This chip that I stumbled across seems worth checking out...
  7. Bill Paxton

    GC+ Flashing

    What else should I be doing? Device Erased... Programming... The following memory area(s) will be programmed: program memory: start address = 0x0, end address = 0x44ff configuration memory EEData memory Programming/Verify complete 2018-06-06 20:25:34 -0400 - Programming complete Pass Count: 7...
  8. Bill Paxton

    Logitech Netplay

    Saw something called a Logitech Netplay on reddit this morning. Ebay seems to have them selling for $30-$60. Might be useful for someone looking to make a Portable PS2.
  9. Bill Paxton

    Question Cheap surface mount Capacitors?

    Does anyone know of any cheap surface mount capacitors that will work as the input and output ones for the PTH regs? Or if they even exist? I've whipped this up in like 20 minutes thinking it'd be easy, but am having trouble finding reasonably priced 100uf 16v-20v surface mount caps. They appear...
  10. Bill Paxton

    Worklog Sneak Preview of my second portable

    I can't technically call it "GCA SP mkII" since it's a Wii and not a Gamecube, but I think I will anyway since the only thing this Portable Wii will be doing is playing Gamecube games. Mostly Twin Snakes.
  11. Bill Paxton

    Gameboy cartridge programmer

    Hey, sorry if this is a stupid question. But, can the Gameboy Cartridge Programmer mcgoo pull and drop save files from legit cartridges? Specifically the older Pokémon games? A buddy of mine wants me to back up his saves. And if possible, throw some guy's modded "virus" save onto one of them.
  12. Bill Paxton

    GameCube Advance SP (GCA SP)

    Here is my entry into this contest. It is a "portable" Gamecube in a 3D printed case with the design heavily influenced, borrowed, and stolen from the GameBoy Advance SP. After many months on hiatus due to issues with a malfunctioning WASP Fusion, it is now complete and back to perfect working...
  13. Bill Paxton

    Question Wasp Fusion Solid Blue Light

    Hello, first time poster, long time reader. To anyone that reads this, any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated. After many many hours designing and testing to perfection my 3D printed case for my "GameCube Advance SP" (GCA SP) it was finally ready to print and put it together...