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  1. seerofvoid420

    Worklog F-Cubed, a custom force-feedback joystick

    Whew, a bit behind in getting this log started, but here we are. My project for the contest is to create a fully custom-made force-feedback 2-axis joystick, for driving robots. Feature/spec list 32 bit ARM processor (Teensy-based microcontroller) Custom motor driver PCB (using ST VNH7070AS...
  2. seerofvoid420

    2016 Graduation Caps!

    Here's mine! Post yours if you've graduated or are graduating this year.
  3. seerofvoid420

    Solved No audio on OMGWTF trim?

    I got an OMGWTF trim commissioned from ShockSlayer, and everything works perfectly except I can't get audio out. I figured since I had run the thing on 17 volts, the preamp had gone. So, I replaced it with a known working one, and no go. I have the Left, Right and GND hooked to a 3.5mm male jack...
  4. seerofvoid420

    Question Best way to get HDMI out of a Wii

    In my portable I've been experimenting with a Tendall Wii2HDMI from Amazon, and have been having trouble hard-wiring it. Even when it did work. there were lots of white dots on the output, and it looked not great. What I'm looking for is something that I can solder to the Wii and get a 1080P...
  5. seerofvoid420

    Worklog Seer's Wii Laptop

    I have returned from a 2 year slumber! I am reviving this project, as I've been re-inspired by how much Wii portablizing has progressed since I last was here. New! 1920x1080 17.1in screen, now LED backlit! Beautiful VGA output thanks to @Aurelio (no more YPbPr->VGA board!) Custom trim to...