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  1. Predue89

    GoPro Hero5 lite (for FPV) 30g!

    Hey guys, here is a small project I just finished. Had nowhere to post a worklog, but in this forum it might be in good hands :) Finished Design: With a ND filter: The assembly is rather easy, but just in case I made a video that guides you throughthe process: Here are some pics of...
  2. Predue89

    Guide Bezel around the display

    I wanted to share my way of doing the bezel on my portables with you, so I made a video about it. All the parts you need are described in the video. The tint film is for car windows btw. Edit: In step 4 you are supposed to remove the glass cleaner under the tint film by using the bubble...
  3. Predue89

    The littleBIG Boy

    Hey guys, it is finished. It took a lot of work, but I am very happy with the final (semi-) portable. Here are the promised pictures and a video of the Boy in action. (Sorry for my basic english:awesome:) Keep in mind that this are detailed pictures of often tiny parts. In rl they don't look...
  4. Predue89

    Worklog The littleBIG Boy

    Hey guys. I don't have much time, but I wanted to share some pictures with you. Working on a very thin portable. (I know it will be thicker than in the pictures, but I'll keep it as thin as possible): It has a 7" screen btw. I'll keep you updated! Edit: I plan to keep this under 17mm...
  5. Predue89

    Worklog Switch-alike Portable

    I have started a new project :) Not sure when it will be finished though... I have many more things to do (getting married and all :D ). But I wanted to share my thoughts and progress so far: The Case will (except for its thickness) look similar to the switch. I will design it from scratch and...