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  1. Worklog Projekt Surface-ii

    external controller :)
  2. Worklog Projekt Surface-ii

    with a Custem Psu :) and usb pd power board for cooling i will just make the case to my heatsink and i use Heatpipes ^^ I actually wanted USB-C PD Charging + Internal USB Drive + RVL Power Management System for power managment but they are still sold out :(
  3. Worklog Projekt Surface-ii

    Enter the Surface-ii , my 2020 summer contest entry: actually i just wanted to build a wii laptop out of plastic or just 3d printet but now it will be a wii tablet made entirely of aluminum :) to have any chance against the DIY Concept UFO project :D Planned functions and features aluminium...
  4. Question wii mini Second usb Port mod ?

    is it possible to add a second usb port to the wii mini ?
  5. N64 Minii

    awesome work i love it :) did you make the cad model yourself ?
  6. Question Wii Mini Hacking

    how did you wire up the modchip on the mini ? i didn't find any pinouts for the mini for wiring up a modchip :(
  7. Question what is the slimmest wii cooler possible ?

    i bought this cooler now now i play the waiting game :o
  8. Question what is the slimmest wii cooler possible ?

    What's possible without the console overheating ? i planning a ultra slim wii laptop :P
  9. Worklog The littleBIG Boy

    what kind of cooler is this ?
  10. digital potentiometer (10kohm) sound control?

    I need a way to add Digital volume controls to an analog amp
  11. digital potentiometer (10kohm) sound control?

    hi i locking for a cheap solution that can be controlled with push buttons :) (all what i found was spi solutions for a arduino :( )
  12. Gameboy Pocket X- 2018 Summer Contest Entry

    Progress: 03.06.2018 Testing my awesome remix PCB and the LCD Original PCB creator I have added +Safe shutdown +Battery Monitor +Joystick Support
  13. Gameboy Pocket X- 2018 Summer Contest Entry

    ~Features~ Gameboy Pocket Case 2,4 Spi Lcd Pi Zero W oder A+ Around 10 hours battery life(I hope) PowerBoost 1000c No spaget wiring Bt and Wifi more informations and futures coming soon :) Progress: 09.05.2018 waiting for the parts from aliexpress Progress: 03.06.2018 Testing my awesome...
  14. Discussion PowerMii call for contribution

    I'm interested :)
  15. Solved no video out after trim

    when i tried out av i get only the black and white picture :/ and the wii 2 hdmi dongle work not at all :/ sincerely