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    Question switching my screen's voltage

    I still dont have enough experience working with electronics, and although i sort-of understand the guide on how to switch voltages I still want to ask this in case anyone else has done it before, does anyone have experience changing the voltages on the board sold on the OG store site, being the...
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    2021 contest entry: The Big Pii

    My dudes of the bitbuilt forums, I unveil to you the Big Pii Making this in blender was not my best decision ever, as it is not a cad software, but with workarounds and constant regretting of my existence the Big Pii was born. Bask in the glory of the Big Pii-ness (ha)! This is my first...
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    UltraWii Sakura: A Thing of Utter Beauty - by YveltalGriffin

    my god, that is small. Nice job! Cant believe that not long ago portable wiis were not much smaller than the original wii.
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    FS: wii micro (as is)

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    The Wiiboy Color

    prob something like you can just search up what he bought in his video and you will find it
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    The Wiiboy Color

    I'll take your entire stock!