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    BBLoader issue log. (Post issues here)

    The issue is vga overrides component output so component cables won’t work and using wii2hdmi it needs to be plugged back in after turning the wii on to get a video, it’s also in the rvloader faq
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    G-Boy PCB Files?

    the alternate version available is an ips 640x480 3.5’’ vs the 320x240 non ips
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    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] PS2DMG - Contest Entry 2022 - Worklog

    That's a tight fit, wow. Awesome work
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    There is no charging RVL-PMS old version

    As I've said before 15v is too much for the charge input of the older PMS, this is from the data sheet for the bq25895 chip
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    There is no charging RVL-PMS old version

    So I'm just gonna throw this out there gen 1 PMS or ps2-PMS does not work with pms-pd from 4 layer. Says so on their website. On top the PS2-pms or rvl-pms that you've modified accepts only 9v and 12v charging, it's actually a little higher around 14 something. So feeding it 15v or 20v from...
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    Help ps2 7900x no vídeo

    From what I can tell you wired the 5v from the reg to wherever but you didn't actually wire the power input, 2s battery input, to the reg that gives 5v for video and audio chip, top side middle of the back of the ps2 . Double check the first part of the standard trim for all the necessary power...
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    Question WiiBoy Color parts list?

    The Wiiboy colour and the g-boy do not have publically available BOM or PCB schematics. The g-boy stls are on the forum from that you'd have to then design and make your own customizations. Otherwise the ashida, louii touii and g-wii which are all available on the forum are your options for...
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    Ashida Wii Portable

    the hardware is an actual wii trimmed down, so cpu/gpu are from the wii
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    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] SP Liite V2

    That's a tight build, love it man
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    Shoulder Button PCB Tac Switch Button replacement?

    There's some buttons in stock here
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    Discussion Rvloader working Usb to microSD adapters or thumb drives

    Starting a thread for those that have tested out microSD to usb adapters that are viable for Rvloader portable and non portable use. Found this gem on AliExpress, just tested today with a 512gb Samsung Evo microSD, has nearly identical form factor to the Kingston adapter...
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    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] SP Liite V2

    Just wondering when I looked through the dismantling of the 3ds there's a black ring acting as a retaining piece for the slider cap do you use that in yours?
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    Beginner Wii Portable

    connecting a battery correctly to the pms-lite will allow you to push the power button and turn it on to verify voltages and such
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    Question power converter board

    Won't work for all voltages, will possibly work for some Edit: Since op doesn't want to actually just provide a link for details Here:
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    Question power converter board

    A screenshot of the image tells us nothing unfortunately