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    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Theres a seller on ebay that does 2 pth regs for 15 bucks or so. I bought like 6 off the seller and only one of them had problems.
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    Worklog "Tool64" my first Portable ever!!!

    You can supply your screen and amp off the 64 and regulator depending on the voltages needed. An easier route would be to use the 64 pms and a 2 pin switch.
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    Worklog First N64 Portable

    Soldering the hdmi port sounds like its gonna be pretty tough. Glad to see you're pushing forward.
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    Worklog g-wii build

    Thanks I owe the credit to all of you guys for all the noodz showing how to do it.
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    Worklog g-wii build

    Currently have the front layed out, the abxy and dpad are screwed in place, wired up to the gc+ that I got years ago from aurelio, I still have the sand the holes for the joysticks so they stop sticking but they're gonna be set in place towards the end of the front assembly. I'm going to wire up...
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    Question I’m kinda new to this

    I use a few wire sizes: 22awg for power 28awg for smaller power lines like the controller power (you'll probably be fine without this size to be honest) 34awg for data connections you can use it to solder to the ave chip and even the bluetooth module if desired, but 38awg might be easier to use...
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    Question I’m kinda new to this

    I used the original cables to troubleshoot the motherboard all the way through until I was ready to attach a screen and batteries. If you dont have them you can use alternative cords like ordinary rca cables and any ac adapter that's around 7.4v-12v
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    Question I’m kinda new to this

    You can rewire the av port to the wii, you just have to use 4 wires composite video, ground and l/r audio
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    Worklog The Briick (Summer 2020 Building Competition)

    I purchased the stores u amp, cooling kit and pms and can say they're worth the money If you dont want a headphone jack the pam8803 works well.
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    Worklog g-wii build

    Everything minus the controller is wired up and running at this point, with the pms on hand I was forced to remove the component on the screen that lets me run it at 5v. I also detached the header for the screen controls I might not have the room for the board that held the original tact...
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    Worklog g-wii build

    So like I can use 2 3.3v leds and use a couple low value resistors? I wouldn't be sure how low to drop them
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    Worklog g-wii build

    Finally got the charging pcb. I'm going to wire this up to my batteries after I fix the recently wired new pth regulator. After that I'll be ready to start the assembly. I asked on discord about using an led for this and was told you could use 2 for charging and completed charge, I'm assuming...
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    Worklog Another Copy Cat "Louii" Build

    Welcome, I hope to see you stick around after this project, custom regulators are used to adjust the input power to separately power the wii You need 4 for the standard build 5 if you plan to remove the ldo. You have multiple choices for this, the classic choice is the PTH08080W regulator...
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    Worklog Magister's worklog - No Name Wii

    I've mentioned trying out a 6 layer board for a portable and basically got my ass chewed lol I don't know if its documented, but I guess 6 layer boards also create more heat I'd imagine it's like working with a gamecube at this point lol without the mx chip and bluetooth
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    Worklog First Wii Portable: G-Wii

    The internals look good too