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  1. Worklog Project M

    Good luck on your endeavor! 3 Wii motherboard recreations for portables, this is definitely the best timeline! I really like your approach using GCVideo and HDMI, it offers plenty of options for customization directly at the source I’m sure it’ll look great.
  2. Worklog 3-Wii

    I second that, I think laminated screens is definitely the way to go for a professional finish! Looking forward to seeing your progress! Do you have an RVL_DD from the original run? Also originally it only worked with bigger panels than the 3.5 inches.
  3. Worklog Nintendo Vegas

    Truely a work of art, the Sistine Chapel of Wii portablizing. Fingers crossed you get the issues ironed out!
  4. Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG

    Thank you for keeping us updated! I think you are attempting a real first in the history of Wii portablizing, super exciting! In bocca al lupo!
  5. Worklog Portable Xbox 360 (slim)- Research Thread

    Wow this is top notch work! I really enjoyed the video, very didactic and also pleasant to see that even though some X360 boards died and the chip shortage is awful, you keep on making progress!! Looking forward for the next update keep it up!
  6. Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG

    Wow great work! This paves the way to all-in-one Wii portables PCBs, potentially a new era for portablizing. Keep us updated!
  7. Question Help via scraping and soldering

    Thanks for your reply. That definitely worked a lot better, by using a hobby knife. I also looked at GingerOfOz' Wiiboy color build video where he scrapes the audio vias to mimic his moves. It's always great to have examples you can follow. For those interested here is the video timestamped:
  8. Question Help via scraping and soldering

    Hi, I have a Wii mother board with most of the vias covered with solder mask. I’ve been practicing on unused vias to scrape away the solder mask and try to tin them. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the hang of it, as out of 4 vias I have tried tinning, only one worked out. Here I scraped two...
  9. The Nintendo FakeCube

    Incredible work! The real thing has surpassed the render IMO. In the video you show the GameCube startup video, do you have a custom RVLoader running?
  10. Worklog Nintendo GAME BOY 64 (M-Boy)

    Awesome worklog! Really inspiring stuff!
  11. Worklog Nintendo GAME BOY 64 (M-Boy)

    Excellent work! I really dig Game Boy styled portables they look the best IMO. Great job on the multicolor N64 logo, it looks incredible! Where’s the L button? Do you have a size comparison pic with a Game Boy or a GBoy? Looking forward to reading more on the design process
  12. Release Wii Miicro Deluxe (Noldendo Wii Miicro remix)

    Awesome video! They keep getting better after each project. Congrats!
  13. Worklog GBA SP printed portrait mod

    Nice job! Really like what you did for the L and R triggers. You should post this on the Gameboy reddit and the Gameboy discord! One question though, does the audio hiss/noise cleanup work make a real difference? I am contemplating doing this mod as well. Also, how does it compare in thickness...
  14. Worklog GBA SP printed portrait mod

    Pretty impressive mod! How do L and R feel with respect to the original ?
  15. L-Wii

    Great work keep it up! I really dig the approach of using the latest generation console controllers with a Wii, it goes beyond portablizing! Can't wait to see the prototype