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    Question I broke 2 pins on my U10

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    Question I broke 2 pins on my U10

    Unfortunately not. You will need to replace it. You can either use a U9, or steal one from another Wii. I believe @jefflongo found an off-the-shelf drop in replacement for it though, so he might be able to provide more information
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    Worklog N64-AIO

    I have also transitioned away from Kester-951, but I have switched to Kester-186. Each behaves differently and I feel like each has its own place. I feel 186 is a lot messier, and needs cleaning (even though it says no-clean), while the kester basically disappears on its own. I still use the 951...
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    Worklog Real Boy

    I got an idea
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    Fiddlesticks’s Twilight Princess G-Boy

    Excellent job! Both the body work and paint job look excellent
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    GameCube JoyCon CAD Files

    I used replacement docking rails for the switch, not the charge grip. The charge grip does not hold tight. I have the plastic of the 3d printed piece pushing against the side of the switch tightly
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    GameCube JoyCon CAD Files

    There is no release piece. 3D printing a piece that small that faces mechanical forces is recipe for disaster. Instead, pat of my designing refining process was tensioning the rails so they apply friction on the switch itself. They hold in place with a good amount of force, but can be pulled easily.
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    Worklog Real Boy

    For sure. At first I was paranoid about magnet wire not delivering enough current... then I remembered the whole system load is less than 1.5 watts, at 5v, and the cart slot has 60 pins. Fortunately, Gman is always there to solve my problems.
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    Worklog Real Boy

    Whats this? Shank actually being responsible and updating his worklog for once? A rare sight to behold. Anywho, A lot of this project has been tentative and experimental. I don't like sharing info I'm not sure about. A lot of this stuff is unsure, because nobody has ever really made a virtual...
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    The Enduro portable Wii

    Nice! Looks awesome. We don't see big portables too often anymore.
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    N64SP v2

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    FS: wii micro (as is)

    Yo ill take it
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    Question U10 relocation (6 layer) still salvageable?

    You SHOULD be fine. First, use flux to clean that up. If you don't have flux, buy flux. The 3 legs of the U10 (the bottom side in this picture) should all be shorted together with a big blob and have continuity to ground. Run the U10 wire as normal. The one difference is you need to run a 3.3v...
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    Worklog Wavebiird portable

    This is looking really great so far! Can't wait to see it done