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    My Flashy New G-Wii Rev 2

    Awesome work dude! Congrats on the complete portable!
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    Board scan BOARD SCAN PS2

    Excellent work! Thank you for your contribution
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    Glass Gboy for sale [sold]

    Omfg this looks so good
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    Worklog Real Boy

    Published the video yesterday. It covers this build pretty extensively. I can upload more photos and add any additional info if there are questions on the advanced parts I didn't cover in the video.
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    Solved Stacking several smaller LiPo batteries or finding the perfect sized one?

    You can stack multiple cells together, just make sure they are new cells, like Cheese suggested. When using multiple cells, it is important to make sure they are the same capacity, and cycle count.
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    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread

    My 01 says 101 (2) as well. I'm assuming that has to do with being the 32gb deluxe model
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    Don't Buy Custom Portables From China

    Thank you for sharing this info. I encourage anyone else who has purchased portables from sketchy sellers to come forward. I can only see this becoming a bigger issue for the community moving forward as we work to make the hobby more accessable.
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    No you do not need to remove the U10 or any of the other components if you are using the U10 pin on the PMS2. The reason we do that is to sever the trace between the U5 and the CPU, so we can reuse the footprint and run our own wire instead. If you arent using the U5's pad as a mounting point...
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    Worklog O-Wii V2

    Wow dude, this is looking incredible so far!
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    Worklog My SegaSaturn Portable

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    RVLoader v1.0

    Aurelio makes all our pipe dreams come true
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    Worklog Wii portable "Ashida Wavebird" worklog

    Awesome work, Wesk. This looks like its going to be the portable we have all dreamed of for years. Really excited we have been able to contribute to and help improve such an incredible project.
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    Moved to Wii modding. Only took 2 tries and help from an administrator. The thread Stitches posted is the best place to start for revision hunting. Here's my thread of documentation specifically about the correlation between revisions and serial numbers. It's also stickied at the top of this...
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    How to get mold professionally made? N3DS shell

    An injection mold for a device like the New 3DS like that would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and thats assuming you have CAD files ready to go. Molds these are not the kind of things one can really have done for a funsies hobby project. If you don't have stupid amounts of money laying...
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    Worklog The potato of handhelds - somehow it turns on

    This looks like an alternate timeline where we figured out how to trim the Wii back in 2011. I don't know when you started this project, but it had to be many years ago based on the parts used. The scene has come a long way since you started this project, and there have been many advancements...