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    Question How to remove solder from a chip with flooded pins.

    Chip quick and a desoldering pump maybe?
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    Favorite music?

    I like Mac Demarco, Broken Social Scene, Megadeth, my indie playlist on Spotify.. I can't remember any of the songs or artists as I'm usually driving when I listen to Spotify. Umm.. oh yeah and some ching chong like Frederic and Ling Tosite Sigure.
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    Question Motherboard 3D CAD Model

    I made myself a rookie model of a standard trim N64 a while back but never got around using it for anything. I made it in Autodesk but was able to export it in an AutoCAD format if it works for you. I believe I was looking at a rev3 board at the time of modeling so there might be slight...
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    Worklog Custom GameCube controller for brawl

    I am intimately familiar with smash but why a stick on the shoulder? Also why Brawl?
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    Worklog Slow Progress on my First N64 Portable

    Thanks for the tips dawg. My cartridge wiring lengths were 4in, all the same (I remember sitting at my desk for about an hour measuring and cutting these 50 lines lol). The 2 repaired lines were in fact working but that was years ago. Unfortunately in a fit of frustration I ripped off my...
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    Guide Body Filler Tutorial

    True that, I tossed it in anyways and it gooped with the rest of it.
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    Guide Body Filler Tutorial

    Does anyone know if ps3 controllers are made out of abs? The plastic seems different then what the n64 is made out of.
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    2018 contest rules?

    Not sure if the rules have been posted yet as I haven't see them. Really I would like to know if my current build would qualify as I started it a month or 2 before the contest started.
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    Worklog PK 64

    Congrats on the successful ram rewiring! I gave up on mine lol after pouring countless hours into it.
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    Question Battery For Portable Gamecube

    Will all current be passed through V-out if the batteries are fully charged? I am familiar with that thread, I've posted there and purchased said red board because of that thread. What I didn't know was that the listing information is sometimes false according to you. If you tested it then I'm...
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    Question Battery For Portable Gamecube

    Yeah the 1A output current is talking about the power source not the board. That's why it says "compatible with 9~15v 1A output current" So it takes in a maximum of 1A to charge the batteries. The V-out is more. Edit: where did you find out extra current is passed through?
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    Question Battery For Portable Gamecube

    I believe you have it backwards, it takes 1A in but can supply 3A from V-out
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    Question Battery For Portable Gamecube

    Doesn't the red board only accept 1A in?
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    Worklog Slow Progress on my First N64 Portable

    So a bit of bad news, I can't get my board to function. I've been trying to figure out what's wrong but I'm at a loss. I have the cartridge slot relocated, voltages are fine, have it wired to the screen using composite and checked for shorts. The only thing I can think of is the ram swap. I'm...
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    Worklog Slow Progress on my First N64 Portable

    Sure thing. Unfortunately I dismantled the regulator already but I did my best to show how it was wired up. This is my battery pack.. .. and I might have spoke too early, voltage seems to have leveled out at 7.05v. Maybe they need to be charged again? Edit: I don't know what I did but...