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  1. 4Layer Product Line Update

    Just bought a new PMS-Lite!! Can't wait to finally get my portable up and running
  2. Beginner Wii Portable

    I’m waiting on components, (4-6 weeks) and so until then, there’ll be no activity on this thread from my end. I’ll update when the situation changes but until then don’t give up on this thread. Just letting everyone know.
  3. Beginner Wii Portable

    Ok, just a quick question. Do you need scd and Scw connected for the wii to post?
  4. Beginner Wii Portable

    Good news! I've fixed the short! Here are my readings now. I'm going to hook the wii up to the pms properly now, with good wire.
  5. Beginner Wii Portable

    Okay, I have an RVK-001 board and these were the resistances I measured. I'm sorry about all the listings. Will delete some of them. Are these normal and to what grit sand paper should I go down to?
  6. Beginner Wii Portable

    On the Wii, 3.3v and ground are shorting somewhere
  7. Beginner Wii Portable

    Here are the best images I can get at the moment. May come back with more later. The button isn’t doing anything, do I need the wii connected for that to work? Also, do you think it was the thinness of my wife’s that made it smoke? Or (I’m guessing) my entire trim/wii is dead.
  8. Beginner Wii Portable

    The wiring is very thin because it’s just for testing. I click quickly and hold the power button without the Wii connected and it does nothing to the led. Is that a problem?
  9. Beginner Wii Portable

    Ok, so bad news, I hooked up the pms lite to the trimmed wii and it started smoking. Don’t know which bit, but I’m worried. Also, should the power button be doing anything to the led on the pms without a wii connected?
  10. Beginner Wii Portable

    I don’t know specifically for the Louii, but in general 30 gauge magnet wire will do for most things and for large power places (battery terminals, charge lines and 5v) use usual wire.
  11. Beginner Wii Portable

    Does anybody know the best way to deal with bad button holes (made to tight tolerances so now they stick) should I just sand down the inside or is there a better way? All that’s happening is that the buttons are grinding and sticking in the plastic. Also, is it better to wet or dry sand 3d...
  12. Beginner Wii Portable

    This probably isn’t the thread for this, but most of the stuff you need is on 4 layer tech. You will need a PMS, U-AMP, PMS-PD and a GC+ (Or use a GameCube pcb) it’s at
  13. Beginner Wii Portable

    I’m sorry, but I chose a UK one. I used Lancashire 3d but I don’t know what’s good in the US.
  14. Beginner Wii Portable

    PETG I got it outsourced because I don’t own a 3D printer
  15. Beginner Wii Portable

    It needs a bit of work but I think it’ll be quite good for a first. What does everybody think?