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    Secret Santa 2019 Gift Opening Thread

    Santa got me me a wallet and a neat pair of cappy socks. Idk how santa knew I needed a new wallet and that I always wear crazy socks to work but I guess the movies don't lie that he knows all.
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    Jackson's audio amp

    Howdy I'm looking to buy a Jackson's audio amp for a portable I'm in progress on. Please hmu if you have an extra one of these lying around as I've been trying to get my hands on one for quite some time now.
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    Worklog Aesthetic Vaporwavey Theme

    @cheese Thanks for the insite, I'll have to work around this as best as possible but I'm extremely looking forward to the new loader/theme system giving portables software themes that match their cool hardware themes. Hearing about the White text being a forced policy a bummer but at least I...
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    Worklog Aesthetic Vaporwavey Theme

    Finally being on break from classes has given me a chance to Continue working on this theme and I finally have updates! So from the pictures you can probably see it coming together, along with the very obvious bugs. Before I fix them I was really hoping Someone on the Portablize Mii Design...
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    Putting 6 layer wiis inside coloured 4 layer shells! [april fools joke]

    Have you ever gotten a red, black or blue wii and just really wanted it to have the less energy efficient 6 layer board inside of it? I cannot tell you how many times I have had this problem! Seriously! So I have started this worklog detailing how I am taking 6 layer boards and placing them in...
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    Question 3D Printing Options.

    Wow I can't believe I'm Just finding this out now, my google photos session never had a problem loading my post because its always running in the background.
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    Question 3D Printing Options.

    I am going to be sending one of @Gman 's wiis out to be printed but I kinda have a lot of options. The Lulzbot is actually complete free to use but the quality is shotty The 3rd one is about as precise as the object, but it only supports 1 material. The most superior printer here is the...
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    Solved Help wiring 940nm LEDs for sensor bar

    This is equation you use to find your R-limiting for an LED just plug in the values found on the data sheet where Vd is your bias voltage, Va is your initial Voltage and Vd is probably ground. Ref.
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    Jackson's Audio Amp, GC+

    Hey y'all I'm looking to buy an extra one of Jackson's audio amp (update this one is covered) and a GC+ for a portable I'm doing. Please hmu if you have an extra one of these lying around :) thanks.
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    Release Postman's "PIIza TIme" Custom Wii Regulator Boards + Preorders

    Interested to try this out! Does the efficiency you assessed it at deteriorate over a long operation time? Also do you have a pic of the back and edge of an assembled one?
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    Worklog Aesthetic Vaporwavey Theme

    I am starting a worklog for a portablize me (pm) theme I've been working on. A very minimum incomplete version was deployed on my first portable build to go along with it, (mostly to distract people from its horrible exterior) My goal is to refine it to a point where it is nice enough to...
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    Discussion Putting a wii inside something else

    Not a bad idea. I like this idea of kitchen appliances. Might have to hit up a local thrift shop and see what I can find.
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    Question Wii won't turn off after being given too many volts

    I'm pretty sure the wii's on board regulators can handle 14v without breaking especially if it wasn't maintained for too long, but as for test points I'm not sure. And the no LEDs I'm pretty sure is a bad sign. are you giving it 12v now as you test it?
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    Discussion Putting a wii inside something else

    So I got a 6 layer wii that I don't really want to portablize (or at least battery power) because of the high amount of Amps it draws. I do however want to mess with it by putting it somewhere it doesn't belong. I had the idea of putting it in a toaster because that would be funny, but I'm not...
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    Question 4 layer with GC ports vs. 4 layer without them?

    If using the OMGWTF trim on a 4 layer board and it is one that does not have to GC ports is there really any disadvantage between the two, especially when using a GC+ chip? Beyond just the presence of the GC I/O parts, is there any hardware or firmware advantages with it?