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    Question PS2 audio/video wiring

    It is detailed in the PS2 trimming guide. The pins do not change between different revisions of the PS2 seeing as how they use the same audio and video connector. Every single audio and video pin is mapped out. I am not really sure what you want us to do that has not already been done.
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    Question Could I use a USB-C connexion to access the drive inside a wii portable

    GingerOfOz made a really good guide on this. The only difference is that he use micro usb instead of usb-c. Here is a link to his guide.
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    Question Can I charge three 18650 batteries with a 5v 1a charger?

    That would work, but you would still need a smart charger. Have you looked at the board I gave you a link to? That handles charging and protection in one. You would not need a smart charger with the red board. You could use any voltage supply that is within the voltage range.
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    We need to bring the barter system back. I will give you one chicken for that wii portable.

    We need to bring the barter system back. I will give you one chicken for that wii portable.
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    Question Can I charge three 18650 batteries with a 5v 1a charger?

    You are using these batteries to power a PS2 correct? A PS2 will do fine with 7.4 volts. You only have to do a 2S setup instead of a 3S setup. If you were to do a 2S setup, you could just use this board. It can handle any power supply within the voltage range. It does not need a "smart" charger...
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    Question Can I charge three 18650 batteries with a 5v 1a charger?

    A smart charger is a charger that can sense when the batteries are starting to get full and slowly lowers the current until the battery is full. At that point, the current stops completely so the battery does not blow up. You cannot use a 12 volt charger to charge your 11.1 volt battery setup...
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    Question VGA Compatible Screen

    The only screens that will work with the VGA mod are the screens that accept VGA. This screen only accepts composite video, so the screen will not accept VGA. Here is a screen from the BOM that accepts VGA...
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    Question where to start for a port

    Here is a link to the guide hub. Many guides have been written to go over many of the basics of this hobby. I would start by reading all of them. Even if you feel like some of them do not apply to you, there is still really good information in those guides. Reading is key to what we do here...
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    Worklog PsWii

    Hello BitBuilt. I am back with another update. This week, I wanted to get at least my wii trim working. I decided to practice trimming a 6 layer board first seeing as how I have never done a trim before and I only have 1 4-layer wii and have 5 6-layer wiis. The trim ended up going really...
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    Worklog PsWii

    One of the staff notified me that there was not a picture or a card in the pictures I posted earlier labeling the 2019 BitBuilt Summer Contest. I just edited that in so that I would not be breaking any rules. I have made a bit of progress since my last update though. I have successfully...
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    Worklog Wii Laptop in Original Case

    You said you would like to start easy with a wii laptop. It would actually be easier to make everything in one piece without any moving parts like a laptop hinge. That is why most of the portables on the forums are not in a laptop/clamshell style. It is possible to do it, but it is just easier...
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    I pay you 20 dollars if make one

    I pay you 20 dollars if make one
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    Worklog PsWii

    I was not planning on using GC+ 2.0 and PS2+. I kind of just wanted to get it done this summer and without knowing if they would come out in time, I did not take the risk of implementing them in my design. If this comes out a success, I will definitely make a second better and smaller edition...
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    Worklog PsWii

    Hello BitBuilt! It has been a while since I posted a new worklog. For the past year and a half since I have officially given up on my first wii portable, I have been working on designing and planning for this new portable and hopefully this contest will give me the motivation needed to finish...
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    Discussion Wii Power Management System (open source)

    This is pretty awesome!! What is the size of this board? I can see this and powermii being the new standard for wii portables.