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    Question First Wii portable not working. Questions on wiring.

    I see some more things that will make it not boot: Remove all the components that you cut through, so those ICs and passive components that are still sitting there still half on the board will need to go It doesn't look like you've sanded the board, or at least not very well, which can short...
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    Question Help DS lite project

    You should probably sand the parts where you sliced through the board, it doesn't look like you did. When you relocate something, you need to reconnect all the traces you cut through. Find which traces you cut here and re-attach them...
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    Discussion My New Design

    Not if you're a student. Or hobbyist I believe
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    Discussion My New Design

    While I hate suggesting programs that substitute their price by building in Google telemetry, (like really, fuck off with that shit) Fusion 360 or a similar more advanced program would be better to learn CAD in, since it makes creating detailed parts that are required in a portable way easier...
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    2021 Contest Entry: TropicPug's WiiFicial

    Someone with a similar mission to you built a portable, long, long ago... Have a look:
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    Question DS lite motherboard not turning on

    I believe it also does that when the battery fuse is blown.
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    Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    Looks like you're lucky, you've only shaved off some of the first layer of the PCB. Area 1 looks fine, the right trace might need some solder to bridge the gap, but I don't know if you need to since it looks intact. Area 2&3, you'll need to use some magnet wire to repair those traces like I...
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    RVLoader v1.6

    Just making an error report here that none of the Tales of Monkey Island Wiiware games work. They install, but produce a black screen when ran. Situation: non-trimmed Wii in shell Wifi, bt, MX present gc2wiimote enabled/disabled makes no difference VGA patches are enabled but via composite...
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    Update for G-Boy delivery?

    Doubt it. The BB store's pretty much dead. Someone may sell their unfinished/finished kit to you but otherwise Gman's said he's going to release the files soon. So you can make your own if you want! You'd have to gather/print some parts yourself, so it's a little less noob-friendly. But I think...
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    Glass Gboy for sale [sold]

    Shiitt, even as an NFT this would be worth $1000
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    Nope. Doesn't work either. I don't know, guess I have to move away from the brief instructions Jackson provided and come up with my own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Stupid shit So I got started on this again finally. A different approach to getting Jackson's code to compile this time: I remember Jackson gave me the exact version of esp-idf he was running, so I figured out how to download it (v4.0-dev-667-gda13efc17) and how to install the exact toolchain...
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    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread

    Pretty much what was said in the first and second page of this thread. Doing that would be the first steps