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  1. Noah no longer responding, still hasn't shipped G Boy

    Yeah this really sucks, especially for something that was aimed at newcomers to the portablizing scene such as you and I. I had the same issue, posted in Discord, emailed and contacted numerous people via the forums. In the end the only thing I could do was raise a dispute with my credit card...
  2. BitBuilt Store Status

    I've contacted Noah via the forums directly and also pinged him on Discord but I've still not heard anything. I don't spose anyone knows of any other way of contacting him or anyone else who might be able to help?
  3. BitBuilt Store Status

    Ah ok, at least I'm not the only one. I've just sent him a DM through the forums, hopefully that will reach him. I've also been advised to message him on Discord, which I have done. Out of interest @GingerOfOz, did your items end up being shipped or did you receive a refund? Just curious...
  4. BitBuilt Store Status

    Hey all, Apologies in advance as this is probably the wrong place for this post, I've tried the suggested direct lines of communication but haven't heard anything back. I purchased a G-Boy Rev III and PS2 Power Management System from the BitBuilt Store in November 2020, which after updates in...
  5. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey all! I'm new here :)