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  1. Question 2ds R button broke

    You likely shorted something when you scraped at the motherboard. You'll have to find and remove the short, solder the button to some wire, and secure the button in place with some hot glue.
  2. What Operating System(s) is(are) your choice(s)?

    I run Ubuntu on my main laptop, Arch on my secondary laptop, and Lubuntu on the machine I use for data recovery. I like Ubuntu and Lubuntu because I need to be able to fire both of them up and have it just work. I like Arch because I don't have to have a single package installed that I don't want.
  3. Discussion 3D Design Software/Programs

    I recommend OpenSCAD. It's a little confusing at first, especially if you aren't a programmer, but it's really easy to use once you get used to it.
  4. Question What are some quick and cost effective ways to get things 3D-Printed?

    The Anet A8 is quite dangerous out of the box. I have one, and it caught fire while printing because I didn't do the safety upgrades. It's a bad idea to get one if you aren't willing to spend extra time and money fixing all of Anet's engineering failures. OP hasn't said how much they want to...