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    BitBuilt's 2020 Summer Building Competition

    A worklog is fine.
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    BlueTire's First Portable Worklog: The G-Boy

    Awesome job!
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    Guide Resin Casting / Molding Buttons

    Sure. Just stir however much resin you're using together at once, then seperate it into different cups and mix in your coloring.
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    BBLoader v1.1 - beta

    You'll need to find the IOS WADs Aurelio talks about in the initial post. I had this happen on a couple of my Wiis as well even though they're updated.
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    Question What material for portablized console.

    PLA works just fine for portable cases. I've used it for a majority of my portables.
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    Worklog First Wii Portable - Cube-ii

    This looks like a great first project! Good luck with finishing it up.
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    Question Wii with n2dsxl screen?

    Screens from handheld consoles don't work for portables, because they run off of signals different from standard formats. like VGA or composite. 4.88" is probably too specific to find another panel for, but 5" screens are common and easy to use.
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    Worklog First N64 Portable

    Love those hinge mechanisms. This whole project is looking super good, looking forward to more!
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Welcome! That iron you've picked out is a great one. For more recommendations on tools and such, there are some links in the G-Boy guides, as well as a dedicated list of various quality materials here. As far as beginner projects go, the G-Boy is a pretty good one. A couple of people new to...
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    Question Batteries
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    Worklog Overlord's PS2 Portable

    This thread is from 2016, so yes this was definitely an unnecessary bump.
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    Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    Broken disc drive wiis are perfect for portablizing. You don't need to use those functions at all to hack a Wii
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    The Waker v2 - Louii Worklog

    This portable doesn't use a U-Amp, it uses a WiiHUD amp by Aurelio that allows for volume to be controlled by the GCC.d
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    Worklog DIY Concept UFO

    You could paint that thing hot pink and it would still probably look sexier than anything I've made. (I say keep it as is though)
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    Question Using a Wii U game pad for a case?

    Gamepad isn't recommended for a first build, despite the clunky nature of the Wii U gamepad there really isn't a lot of space thickness wise for the stuff we need to put in portables. Also, the screen in the gamepad isn't compatible with standard video signals, so you'd need to buy a...