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    Fan doesn't turn on, I got no clue what I have done wrong

    Update: I rewired the connections from the usb-c pcb to the rvl pms board, ensuring that less bare wire is exposed. When using a multimeter the expected voltage was entering the rvl pms board from the batteries, but it does not leave the board (the usb-c pms and the fan are not receiving any...
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    Gboy, usb c to hdmi possible?

    I thought so. Thanks btw
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    Gboy, usb c to hdmi possible?

    I've been wondering if there was a way to hook up the gboy to an elgato/tv through hdmi through the usb c port on top. I know most likely not but I had to ask.
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    I think I'm lost. joke*