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  1. screen sometimes works?

    Hey all, I know most people are probably done with their g-boys already, but I took a break because school got super busy. So I'm coming back and trying to figure out where I went wrong when I stopped. I was on step 13 and wiring up the wii, and I wired up the controller as well, but the screen...
  2. Only turning on sometimes?

    Hi all, so my G-boy only turns on sometimes, I think maybe there's a short between gnd and 5v on the right of the pms because I think I saw a spark there once, but I don't see anything when I turn it on now. Sometimes It'll turn on and boot up, but then the screen goes blank after a few seconds...
  3. wiring video? *resolved*

    It looks like it’s working! Thanks so much for your help!
  4. wiring video? *resolved*

    This point here, right? even though the component attached to it is gone? Just want to do it right the second time XP
  5. wiring video? *resolved*

    I may have accidentally melted off/lost the AVE. Is this a necessary component I need to replace? Is there a "spare" I could use from the unused trimmed motherboard?
  6. wiring video? *resolved*

    Hey all, I've been having some trouble wiring up my video to my g-boy. The guide's picture had the yellow line directed at the microscopic point near c52, but the wire in the picture looks to be attached to R44? Or is the solder mask scratched? I tried soldering to the point near c52, but the...
  7. Discussion G-Boy Rev III - DIY Portable Kit

    Cool. Thanks for the info
  8. Discussion G-Boy Rev III - DIY Portable Kit

    thanks for the reply, any brands you suggest?
  9. Discussion G-Boy Rev III - DIY Portable Kit

    new to the forums here. I was wondering how necessary a hot air station is for the gboy kit.