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    Question Problem with resistances

    Did you tape the chips with something so no metal dust gets in? If yes this could just be an unlucky trim. I had the same problem with 3.3v being like 0.6 ohm. Apperently I raged when I couldn't fix it and sanded the entire AVE. I now have a non working trim that is missing a AVE. I can't...
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    Looking for any Wii or GC portables.

    The PMS is needed but currently out of stock. Every few weeks or so the PMS-Lite gets restocked so I would recommend to keep looking at the 4Layertech site about 2 times a day to check it.
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    Worklog Ashida Worklog (First WII Portable)

    Looks okay to me but I would recommend to check if anything is shorted. S and DL may be touching from what I can see
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    BitBuilt's Rank Guide

    uhm I think you pressed the wrong letter there
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    Worklog First Ashida worklog update

    What did you use to trim it looks very unclean, when I trimmed a wii the trimming lines were mostly straight. Maybe you speed was too low. but I dont know much everything else looks fine.
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    Question How to access the stock wii menu from RVLoader?

    Also VGA ca be quiet buggy on the vanilla menu. Some Wii can be used with VGA on the menu and some can't. IIRC some tried to find out why it happens but didn't find the reason
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    Worklog Nemo's G-wii worklog

    Yes if you are able to wire it then do it, only way to safe this now
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    Question Reduce LCD control board power consumption on specific LCD board and run 5V?

    Did you try to use 5v directly at the barrel? Some support that.
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    Question vga image error

    . Ok but it still could be that something is shorting because of too much exposed wires or something else. Everthing could be the problem so the pics could help us indentify whats wrong.
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    Question vga image error

    can you post pics of the wiring?
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    Question Wii Internal HDD/SSD Mod

    You can install it then so it autoboots into RVLoader. You can still use the Wii Menu after that. Last thing i can think of is getting a modified version of wiiflow IF it exists.
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    Question Wii Internal HDD/SSD Mod

    You don't need to install RVLoader in order to use it. You can use it as a normal homebrew app. Just press no when it asks you to install.
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    Worklog Nemo's G-wii worklog

    The Family edition is a RVK-CPU-01 or 02 IIRC. The error your getting is from the Usb drive (in this case an adapter) a new good card would fix this
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    Worklog Ashida My First Portable

    I think that you dont need the DD mount because its for the RVL-DD that isnt available
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    Beginner Wii Portable

    That depends on how long you want your portable to last. I would take the highest capacity ones.I think it was about 3800mAh. The max capacity is 3600