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    Worklog Ashida My First Portable

    Ok that makes sense thanks. So for testing purposes I would just wire up gnd and AV-CVBS1 and when I make the switch over to vga everything can be wired in thin twisted wire. Alright thanks for the tip.
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    Worklog Ashida My First Portable

    So its been about a week since I last updated. In the past week I hadn't done as much as I hoped. Mostly due to my 3d printer deciding to stop working. But anyways I managed to finish populating the controller pcbs with the stuff I forgot (speakers and buttons). I also managed to wire up all the...
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    RVL-PMS or recommendations

    The rvl-pms just has a bunch of quality of life features to improve your portable like battery overcharge protection, plug and play, battery level indicator, thermal protection, etc. You very well can just use regular pth regulators to power your Wii as they will work even if they are a little...
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    Question Wii goes to the home screen and the screen goes black.

    I believe that to go to the Wii home menu with RVLoader you need a Bluetooth chip to be soldered to the board. Without Bluetooth it just defaults to a black screen.
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    Worklog First Portable Wii

    A little tidbit of info is that this black piece can be pretty easily removed with a pair of cutting pliers and then the area of the board that it was on can be trimmed.
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    Worklog Ashida My First Portable

    So ever since about September I have been hyperfixated on portables and console modding. Finally, here I am building my own. As for my first time doing this I have decided to build a Ashida. After a bunch of research I'm at 90% 80% 75% of understanding on how to build this. Anyways for my first...
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    Question Safety Tips while working on portables

    Personally I just use a half face painting respirator I found in my garage. Like this one...
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    Does anyone have a trimmed 6 layer wii mother board?

    CrazyGadget does a trimming service so your best bet would be to dm him.
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    Question Safety Tips while working on portables

    When soldering you should probably have a window open, be in a well ventilated area, or have a fan blowing away the fumes. You can wear a (good) mask for extra protection to help stop you from inhaling anything you shouldn't. Also you can wear a pair of protective eye glasses or a face shield to...
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    Solved Which Gamecube joystick should I buy?

    Well I forgot the plastic does this magical thing known as melting under heat so I kinda melted the joysticks in the process of removing them lol.
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    Solved Which Gamecube joystick should I buy?

    So as part of building an Ashida I need some GC joysticks. The BOM doesn't give a link to any but does recommend to harvest some from a GC controller but that has proved to be a colossal pain in the ass to try and remove them without wrecking them. So I have decided to go down the lazy path and...
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    Solved Are these parts necessary? Video Capacitor Block

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt because I might be mistaken but it looks like if you cut there you will slice straight through part of the AVE chip. Even in the LMAO trims they dont appear to be cutting away everything you plan on cutting...
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    Worklog Chunchunmaru - A PS2 Portable

    I don't see any reason why it wouldn't
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    Worklog Chunchunmaru - A PS2 Portable

    As far as safety precautions go make sure to do it outside to limit mess, wear a decent mask, and be careful of the rotary blade bouncing. Good luck on your trim.