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    Worklog "The GoldeN64" Re-Do

    It's a Formlabs Form 3 that I've been using since October.
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    BitBuilt's 2020 Summer Building Competition

    Yeah, that makes sense and I understand. But, with that said, the commission and last year's entry still to finish plus the project I've been working on from scratch for several months now, don't think I'm gonna hit the window for an entry :)
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    Worklog Yawp were only 12 when you first saw this?...
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    BitBuilt's 2020 Summer Building Competition

    So in the case of a project I entered last year but didn't complete. Can that be re-entered? It hasn't been worked on pretty much since the compo ended last year, but it's essentially going to be redone completely anyway. If not, that's cool. I've got some new things in the works as well. Just...
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    Worklog The eNVeGA 64

    Hey guys! So lots of progress has been made in the past couple weeks now that the new flex cables have arrived. Below are the reversed and slightly revised version of the Ultra HDMI cables for my Ultra VGA board. These were done through OSH Park's new flex service. Though they work, they are a...
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    Solved any good guide on frankencasing?

    Thanks for the love...and making me sound archaic...
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    Worklog Booshman's N64 portable

    Love the case internals. Reminds me of the old days!
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    Worklog "The GoldeN64" Re-Do

    Thanks. It looks more like metal in real life and yes, SLA has it's place. This Form 3 though is an amazing piece of technology even though it's expensive as hell...not just the machine, but costs of resin. But for little buttons like this it's justified. Yeah, there is truth to that! This...
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    Worklog "The GoldeN64" Re-Do

    So as some of you are aware, a commission I started nearly a year ago, was nearly complete when the paint finish decided to fail in spectacular fashion. I'd never seen a paint failure like this under the circumstances and it really took the wind out of my sails for several months as I ended up...
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    Worklog The eNVeGA 64

    So work on this has been started up again! Had quite a bit of a lull in-between last summer up till now. Making lots of improvements though! This as an example. Full SLA printed Everdrive cart cover as opposed to the FDM/SLA combo before it. The picture kinda granulates things but you get the...
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    4:3 Screens

    I was aware of that, but I was referring to flat panels specifically as I'm sure you were also aware. haha!
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    4:3 Screens

    21" was the max for 4:3 before 16:9 and 1080p widescreens began to become more practical in the late 2000's. HD kinda killed the square frame and went forever rectangle from there.
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    N64p Advance 2.0

    That's a 16:9 with the ability to do 4:3 in the settings, it just adds the black bars on the side for a 4:3 effect. Decent looking project though and I agree, I'd love to see what's under the hood.
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    Yeah, I've got a full archive of the site, but this was his reasoning. In my personal opinion though, he had no right to close the site before giving those who added to his site and references a chance to collect their content. Still irritates me as I put in a lot of work to that site myself and...
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    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    That's looking sweet man. Those textured beds go a long ways with the finish quality on large flat surfaces. Very clean all the way around. Yeah, we do meet-ups from time to time. Decent sized one in Texas in the next week or so, but the big one is the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee in...