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    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG

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    Worklog A Gwii Worklog (The first in a while)

    Yeah I know it’s not hd but it’s just so nice looking
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    Worklog A Gwii Worklog (The first in a while)

    K guys I promised updates and here I am… just finished the vga mod (lmfao never thought I’d see wii in hd) anyway I just have a pic it rn I’ll send a video soon
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    Ps2/wii portable ?

    I’ve actually thought of something like this in an arcade cabinet with 2 different plugin controllers with a screen input switch
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    Worklog Louii Friend Build

    because of the 4x4 vias like half cut it may ground the regulator but i couldnt be sure because ive never seen that possible issue before
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    Worklog A Gwii Worklog (The first in a while)

    hey all i know its been a while but i had a huge setback but im ready to proceed now so one mobo later and were back to where i left off. ps im not bumping an old thread ill update shortly
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    RVL-PMS update?

    They usually return to stock every couple weeks, sometimes months. However pths are readily available
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    Beginner Wii Portable

    Wait if I installed the rvl nrc while batteries were in could it fry the wii because I know installing a thermister while batteries are in can damage it
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    Beginner Wii Portable

    Ur 3.3 should be almost 9k ohms On most of them if I remember correctly
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    Worklog A Gwii Worklog (The first in a while)

    Bad news: something happened still don’t know what but when 3.3 is connected to wii it has abt 1.46 v and unconnected it has 3.309v. 1.8v always has .85. Does this sound like a familiar issue to u guys?
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    Question wii trimming

    Damnnnnn I never saw that update I thought Bluetooth was mandatory for Wii games to run
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    Worklog A Gwii Worklog (The first in a while)

    K guys after 4 hours and loads of help from Pablo on discord I’ve successfully wired some controls making games playable .again I’d still be working on it if Pablo hadn’t helped me out so thanks for that. I’ll update tomorrow. Ps I still need a name
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    Worklog A Gwii Worklog (The first in a while)

    Update: I was planning on wiring controls but I have to run some errands. However I was able to wire up usb in the blink of an eye which surprisingly worked 2nd shot. Also I have a question about wiring tact switches. Do they all need to be wired together on one end like the 4 layer tech...
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    Question Building a "flight safe" wii portable?

    then u stare em dead in the eye and say swiitch
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    Model Louii Twoii CAD Files

    I have an ender 3 and I’ve found printing slim triggers works fine. What material are u getting it printed in