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    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG - BLOCKED

    you could also save space by doing a nand relocation. GO full on omega style
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    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG - BLOCKED

    Wouldn't stacking boards like that end up making it thicker? I thought you were trying to make this portable as thin as possible
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    Worklog "The Halogen Project" My first wii portable worklog

    Woah there are 3800 mAh 18650 battery cells? Where can I get some of those? I thought they maxed out at 3600 mAh
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    Worklog Worklog - Behiimoth

    A whopping 9 battery cells. I'm impressed
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    Worklog Wiiclpise

    That, my dear friend, is the power of back magic
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    Worklog Wiiclpise

    My first Wii Portable of my design. Like the ashida, it is designed around 4layer tech boards. I'm calling it the Wiiclipse because I want it to be all black, like an eclipse (and puns are fun). My goal for this design was to make something minimal yet classy. I even made my own logo: I've...
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    Question Wii Portable Recommendation?

    Make a Wiiclipse, then you wouldn't have to wait for Ashida boards to be back in stock ‍ In all seriousness, if you have a problem you cant figure out how to fix from the guides and other people's worklogs, I recommend joining the BitBuilt discord.
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    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG - BLOCKED

    It indeed will be nice to have to worry less creating a rats nest and a fire hazard. Having everything on one board would make things a lot simpler. I hope this will be accessible too :)
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    Question Are this components needed?

    It always helps to look at the Wii compendium
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    Worklog Topper's Ashida Build

    Dang that print looks clean, especially for an ender
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    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG - BLOCKED

    This is looking cool, and it is going to have the voltage regulators built into it? any battery management?
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    Worklog The Wii-84 Plus: A Gaming... Calculator?

    You shouldn't need any custom pcbs more than the 4layer tech boards, they are pretty compact. The design I've made using them is really close to the size of an 84
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    Worklog The Wii-84 Plus: A Gaming... Calculator?

    You shouldn't need an extension for fitting anything. In theory, you can fit it all in the oem case. I designed a rough part layout that doesn't require any extra areas added. I would model it further but I should finish my current portable first lol
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    Worklog The Wii-84 Plus: A Gaming... Calculator?

    I was going to work on the exact same thing. Are you going to remake the calculator in cad? I was going to do that.
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    Total Wiiclipse of the heart

    Total Wiiclipse of the heart