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    What Operating System(s) is(are) your choice(s)?

    I have KVM set up with hardware passthrough for my VR setup, it works surprisingly well as long as you set it up correctly :P You'll probably want to look into the level1techs stuff on vfio passthrough, they have a ton of great resources on how to get everything set up. You'll probably also...
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    Question u10 problems

    Sounds like you need to resolder the U10. It may also just be broken (U10), when you're shorting the 3.3v and output pads, that's essentially doing what the U10 is supposed to do in the system normally. Do a quick check to make sure that ground is on the blob on the bottom.
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    BBLoader issue log. (Post issues here)

    This is just if you've cut your wii board already or not. If you have not disassembled the Wii it would be untrimmed.
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    Worklog Miceeno's N64 Portable 2020

    I love the headers you put on there, that has to make assembly/testing much easier :P
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    Classic+ Initial Release

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    Discussion G-Boy Rev III - DIY Portable Kit

    Send a DM to either @Noah or @Gman and they should be able to get you sorted out.
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    Worklog "Tool64" my first Portable ever!!!

    Have you checked all the voltage lines in another spot that is connected on the board? Also, you have the jumper pack and a game in when you're trying to get video, correct?
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    microSD connection to computer not working

    Could you upload pictures of the board?
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    BBLoader v1.1 - beta

    Yes, hold the reset button while turning the wii on, this will bring you to the priiloader menu. Go down to the settings, and change autoboot to the system menu and hit save. If you installed the nowifi ioses, you'll have to reinstall the stock ioses with something like MMM (which you can get...
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    Worklog Identifying a Wii's Revision Based off of Serial Numbers

    This is missing the last digit in the box (that is part of the serial number)
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    Worklog WiiVision Build

    Could you double check, it looks like there may be a short on U7 on the left side, though that shouldn't prevent you from programming the board... I'll have to look through the documentation to see if I can find something else soon.
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    Worklog MRKane's final PS2 portable, first competition entry

    If you have some room you may be able to dremel out a slot for the ribbon cable. Good luck either way :D
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    Worklog WiiVision Build

    Did you make sure to plug the charger in momentarily and then hold the power button to turn it on?
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    Galaxy Black GWii rev2 For Sale

    Click his name, and then click "start conversation"