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    Solved Is it safe to use 36 gauge magnet wire for the u10 relocation?

    Should do the job :)
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    Worklog Wifi Breakout Board for Relocation

    I'm interested in this! Very cool.
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    Worklog N64 Development Kit -- Ultimate N64 Mods.

    Bro this is so cool! I really like the HDMI haha. I need to chat with you sometime about that...
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    Retro Lite CM4

    Man I am so sorry dude! I'll keep a look out.
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    PS2 and Raspberry pi 4

    Hmm.. test with multimeter? Test for shorts/continuity/grounding? Maybe cold solder joints? Touch up with flux? Not sure what else to tell ya. Hopefully you get it figured out!
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    Ashida Gunmetal Edition

    Ashida Gunmetal Edition Introducing the Ashida Gunmetal Edition!!! Not perfect... but getting better at these portables! I still need to troubleshoot the Bluetooth after updating the firmware but I think I figured it out for the most part. Been playing this solid for a couple weeks! Now...
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    GC Micro A la Wesk -- with HDMI and internal wavebird receiver.

    Nice work man!!! Cute and powerful! :D
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    Alysse Wii Portable

    Can't handle this portable ;)! Great work! That portable looks sick! Don't stop making them portables though! Too much talent to quit!
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    Worklog Ashida Worklog - Education Edition

    I would suggest good solder and good iron. Just take your time and flow those joints up nice and shiny! If you have any questions let us know! Highly recommend this station: Hakko And solder:
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    Ashida case for sale

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    Solved Wii not reconizing usb

    1. Make sure you tightly twist the D+ and D- data lines. 2. Double check you have them connected correctly with diagram based on forums. 3. Check with multimeter on continuity mode and test for shorts/bridging. 4. Might need to reflow or add flux to those joints because they look cold. Good...
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    Worklog Black Ashida

    Okay! So I am finished with my Ashida finally haha. So Cutting Edge post soon. I wired VGA a million times wrong (fun colors on screen) until Gman reminded me to look at the diagram on the forums and not go off of color of the diagrams but to look at the numbers lol. So after a day or so of me...
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    The Nintendo FakeCube

    Love this. Glad you made it real haha. Very fun looking portable!
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    Worklog Black Ashida

    Mainy just the 4 layer website diagrams and the definitive wii trimming guide on BitBuilt. Keep at it! It's worth it and check out the photos in here for what needs to be twisted and if you have more questions feel free to ask! Moved the MX chip and it works! Also i didn't realize this but I...