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    Worklog GB64p

    Y'all need to stop killing N64's
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    Question N64 board reduction question

    Heh that guide picture looks familiar
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    Worklog PPR

    I've been cranking it to Marshall's work for the better part of a decade. I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.
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    The DowN64p Kit Headed to MGC

    As nice as this is I'm strongly against the mass production of portables. Kit form or otherwise. Individual custom components, sure. But we don't need little timmy on every other block hacking up the limited supply of N64's. This is detrimental to the long term sustainability of a niche hobby...
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    Worklog The Ultimate Portable

    This guy has been ripping off people's work for years. (Mine included) If you're going to steal others ideas as your own at least make it look nice/functional. Everything I've seen looks like a rats nest/battery fire waiting to happen. Not really any excuse for that when myself and countless...
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    Ghosts SSWiiT Revitalized

    All these years later and the madman finally did it. This project is sick. You are not prepared.
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    Ghosts SSWiiT Revitalized

    I used to solder those copper mini heatsinks together back in the day. Great minds think alike ;) I'm going to have to come see this thing soon
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    [Not Actually] Cheap PTH08080 regulators

    They don't give these out for free anymore?
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    Question oMdding help (gameboy pocket)

    Resistors are pretty simple to install. Put where you want resistance. aka the voltage line
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    Worklog G-Luma 64

    You have my respect.
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    Worklog G-Luma 64

    Did you cut that board with your teeth? Soldering with your toes must only take a small amount of skill.
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    hi am here from bacteria forum thx
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    Discussion Trimming Further

    It was possible to go smaller than I used to, just not worth the effort. The amount of work and time troubleshooting didn't justify the slightly smaller size. We need board redesigns.
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    Noah's JB64

    That name and design looks oddly familiar.