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  1. Solved Emulating on the Wii

    I have a Wii with a broken disk drive, so I thought it would be useful in some way as an emulation station. A while ago I was told of homebrew and did some research on it. Though I was wondering if instead of using homebrew there was a way to have it boot up straight to a different program and...
  2. Solved Emulation station.

    I have not, would a need a semi functional Wii to do that though?
  3. Solved Emulation station.

    What would I need that's used in a portable to make a gamecube emulation station possible. Is it even possible is a better question.
  4. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Howdy my name is Bandito, I'm very new to the console scene and I'm exited to learn all i can from the forums.