[SOLD]Looking to sell G-Boy Rev III Kit w/Extras

Apr 24, 2020
Howdy everyone, hopefully someone can make good on this kit in my stead. I pre-ordered and received the kit for the G-Boy Rev III (Case Color: Azure Blue/Screen Bezel Color: Black) and was in the process of acquiring everything else needed but low and behold I was swept away into the all consuming void of the Coronapocalypse. So having lost my job and finding ways to make some quick cash so I don't starve I'm being forced to offer my kit up for sale. I haven't started anything so what would be included is as follows: The Complete Original G-Boy Rev III kit as it arrived, a bag of Nintendo DS Lite White buttons, and 2x of the recommended Lithium-ion batteries.
I figured it would be best to try and sell it here to the real community who thrives with this stuff instead of having a go on ebay.
I'm only looking to break even, and maybe a very small profit, so hopefully my asking price of $360 + shipping is acceptable to someone. I can provide pictures if you wish.
If anyone is interested just send me a DM and we can discuss logistics.