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  1. Worklog N64SP take2

    those internals are c l e a n
  2. Worklog OM6 Wii - GBA SP Build

    oh damn, my bad! sorry about that, i kind of forgot the theme of the build O.o
  3. Worklog OM6 Wii - GBA SP Build

    btw the joystick breakouts in the bb store are for joycons, and i don’t think they’ll work with 3ds sliders. overall, joycon sticks are better in terms of comfort and ease of use, and iirc in the end they’re basically the same size. i’d recommend using those. they’re also available in the bb store
  4. Want to buy a trimmed wii

    you can try dm’ing cheese, he sells trimmed boards
  5. Worklog Niintendo Pocket

    *drooling intensifies*
  6. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    all the information you need is on this website. good luck with your projects!
  7. Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    1. you're going to need a wii, some custom regulators, battery management, controls, an audio amp, a screen, batteries, and a case. tools will include a good temperature controlled soldering iron, screwdrivers, dremel, wire, solder, flux and a few other things 2. a wii probably won't fit the...
  8. Miceeno's G-BOY Worklog

    i think it’s prusament galaxy purple, i could be wrong though
  9. 4:3 Screen recommendations?

    bitbuilt store has a really nice 5” 4:3 vga screen
  10. Discussion Gameboy Advance SP with Raspberry Pi 0

    said in the original post that the info is from gameboypi on github
  11. Worklog Wii Micro Build

    at this point you’re better off cutting the legs and re soldering lol
  12. Worklog OM6 Wii - GBA SP Build

    1. your cooling solution looks really nice, i love the arrangement of heatsinks! i’m looking forward to see how well it works. 2. about the connections after trimming, you do not need to connect up the spots of the same colors. in the case of purple on AV connections, any trace/via/solder pad...
  13. Question Different case for gboy?

    if what you meant by “switch type build” was a more horizontal form factor, the g wii rev 2 case files are open sourced and uses parts from the bitbuilt store. it’s not a lot, but the g boy manual can basically be used to build a g wii. the louii is another one with a horizontal form factor, and...
  14. Worklog Wii Micro Build

    pths scare me, thank god for gman and his magic. btw nice job on the regs, they look super clean!
  15. wait... what happened to @jefflongo being a mod?

    wait... what happened to @jefflongo being a mod?
  16. Model Louii CAD Files

    the g-boy kit also uses many custom pcbs, so the internals would be a bit cleaner and more manageable. i'd suggest trying out the g boy first. @GingerOfOz said in his original post on this thread that it is a somewhat challenging build, and clean internals are a must. if you don't want to build...
  17. I'm thinking of building a raspberry pi

    i'd suggest buying from
  18. I'm thinking of building a raspberry pi

    ah got it. i think your best bet is to buy a pi 4 and a case. the pi 4 is pretty powerful. it can emulate up to n64 and even gamecube and wii(with a custom OS and build of dolphin). pis are great as streaming boxes and you can use them with your tv. kodi linux is an OS meant for use in an...
  19. I'm thinking of building a raspberry pi

    are you thinking of building a portable console of some sort? or just a streaming box? if it’s the latter, i suggest looking somewhere else, bitbuilt mostly focuses on the hardware side of things, while your questions seem mostly software based.
  20. Worklog Sushii

    rip gen z’ers like me who have no idea what og paper mario is like or any paper mario for that matter