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  1. Is it okay to Connect the GBoy to a Stock Wii?

    i doubt it has any effect on the hardware, it’s literally the same as plugging a usb drive into your home wii
  2. Question How could I make a portable Wii for under $80?

    g boy guide has basically everything you need to know for wiring
  3. Worklog Another Copy Cat "Louii" Build

    what exactly do you mean by this? if it’s that you don’t know where to wire what on th wii, check the trimming guide, most if not all of the info is there
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  5. jeff said he had that one and it’s good, amazon reviews seem to agree. i’d buy if i were you

    jeff said he had that one and it’s good, amazon reviews seem to agree. i’d buy if i were you
  6. Question PS2 Portable Helppp

    reply on the welcome thread and you will be able to create your own thread
  7. Question PS2 Portable Helppp

    dude, you’ve posted on 3 threads asking the same question. please, read the rules and learn to make your own thread
  8. Worklog Nolds Unnamed Wii Pocket

    i’ve seen a piece of advice somewhere on the forums, it was that if you need a guide to perform an omega trim, you’re not ready. afaik doing an omega requires a deep understanding of the wii, and all the information necessary is in the rvk compendium
  9. Question Omega trim info?

    i’m pretty sure it’s just nand and ave and maybe the ldo
  10. Worklog Nolds Unnamed Wii Pocket

    why is the z button on the left?
  11. Question Omega trim info?
  12. Worklog Nolds Unnamed Wii Pocket

  13. Different PS2 slim models; which to use for an easy trimming?

    the guide says that the only supported models for trimming are 7900x
  14. PS2 emulation inside a PSP 2001 ??

    ps2 trim guide is in the ps2 section of the guide hub here on the bitbuilt forums, and i think that the udoo bolt is currently the only sbc that can run ps2 games but i may be wrong
  15. PS2 emulation inside a PSP 2001 ??

    i’m pretty sure mosts sbcs can’t emulate the ps2 yet, and the ones that can are too big to fit in a psp EDIT: i do remember seeing somewhere that a trimmed ps2 can fit in a psp, but the case would probably require case modifications